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Dimensional realities and the need for discretion in TRUTH

There are various false teachings that seek to place dimensional realities in a sort of linear and logical fashion. Hence we have the false teaching around 5th dimensional reality which many assume is "higher" than 3rd dimensional or even 4th dimensional, the human logical mind sees the numbers and assumes thru logic and conditioning that the higher the number the greater somehow the reality.

WE ARE asked at this time to allow for the veils to be fully lifted and to allow understanding around how this race (the human race) see time and motion. For they are conditioned to keep time and motion in a context that is non TRUTH. It is non TRUTH to assume that time flows in directions for example because a direction is an assumption. EVERYTHING JUST IS in TRUTH, it is what we see when we place our focus upon it due to the conditioning and understanding that we have going on inside of us.

For some people at this moment time is doing some pretty weird stuff and this is in response to the false frequency bandwidths that are being released. If you have been held in stasis and managed to accept and live your life in stasis then something begins to flow when you least expect it then the reaction that is had to this may be very intense indeed. The human race are conditioned to place holding patterns on every part of their human life experience and the overall context given for this is "safety".

So deep is the conditioning around time and motion that many will simply disregard everything that does not agree with the hands on a clock face. WE ARE at this time working to dissolve this huge mass illusion and as the frequency bandwidths are dissolved we are better able to reach the level of understanding necessary to understand why we have lived in the way that we have and how this can be released. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.

The distortion at this time is around the festive season and all that it entails and many are now leaving the procession line, as this occurs the festive season will begin to collapse fully for it is a season of death and destruction that has been placed into humanity and given some tinsel to make it sparkly. The roots of this season are beyond dark and now this comes up for release. Like other dark roots that have been exposed this dark root will also be hard to accept and yet TRUTH JUST IS.

At this time we are asked to permit Creator thru CHRIST to lift the veils and to pave our movements with GRACE for WE ARE held in the GRACE of Creator in order to be fully protected from the backlash that our human linear family lines will now unleash. We came to aid a race that was due for removal move into full evolution, we did not come here expecting them to just accept our arrival, TRUTH or even to step out of the horror that they are within. So traumatised is this race that they will defend the horror to the end. We therefore stand in GRACE of Creator thru Christ as the tsunami of emotion of this race is released. Standing firmly on the ROCK of TRUTH as the flood now begins, it will cover the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and will cover all, any and every human life experience it touches.

The RAINBOW that appears after the flood is the spectrum that is washed clean in order that a young race can begin to take the steps that it requires to full adult hood. To start afresh with all wiped clean and clear. Like a fresh new day and with all the colors that they require in order to live in TRUTH.



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