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Dissolving of false path and revelation of bridges in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are bound to that which humanity are conditioned to accept. This narrows our context from within which we live this our human life experience.  We are fed false ideas, false theology and are conditioned to believe that which is not TRUTH in preference to accepting that TRUTH JUST IS.

As we now move further into the expansion in TRUTH process as the outer waking reality is further flooded with higher dimensional frequencies that which has bound us to false pictures and false paths begins to dissolve. TRUTH is the highest frequency that exist and is that which wider Creation in TRUTH is constructed of. When TRUTH meets a lie (no matter the depth of the lie or density of it) the lie is dissolved because TRUTH JUST IS and is the stronger frequency.

Humanity have been lied to from the moment they took their first breath and the human logical mind will go into overdrive trying to prove somehow that the lie is this or that in order to salvage itself.  A lie is a lie, it is irrelevant what the lie was used for, it simply is a lie.  Now that which has sought to present itself as a pathway is dissolving. For many this will be a time of great upheaval as the false teachings of the "third eye dominance" and the "think your own reality" begin to dissolve because the human logical mind HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ASCENSION.  We did not take this our human physical form in order to somehow think in more complex ways, we took this human physical form in order to experience LOVE in TRUTH in this form. Something denied to humanity forever deliberately.

It is not the human logical mind which now reveals TRUTH but the human physical heart for only the heart can RECOGNIZE TRUTH, the human logical mind is a storage facility that has been permitted to believe it is connected to more than it is and has a purpose beyond which it was created for. It was created for storage and nothing else.  All that is not TRUTH will now be removed in ways that for many are triggering.

It matters not where humanity have been so much as it matters where they are this exact moment then the next. Much like driving a physical vehicle there is absolutely nothing we can do with what we see in the rear view mirror. Again like driving said physical vehicle if we focus on the rear view mirror and attempt to change it we will lose our focus on the path in front of us and we may end up crashing the entire vehicle.

In TRUTH there is no past, present or future, there is a dimensional space in which we reside that is now expanding and as it expands we can also but it is a choice. If we choose to remain with the human logical mind in the driving seat of this our human life experience then we will go into total chaos and in some cases total meltdown because the human logical mind has been fully compromised.

Imagine placing a drop of cyanide in a swimming pool and then carefully taking out the water pint by pint. The drop of cyanide contaminated the ENTIRE POOL, the water is fully contaminated, its not about finding the drop that was added, it is about dissolving the entire pool and cleansing it. Therefore simply attempting to change our thought patterns is like take a pint of water out the contaminated pool. The thought can never be pure because it exists in a context of lies.

As the pathways now dissolve and the bridges begin to reveal themselves the outer waking reality will now dissolve fully. There is no servitude in trying to "make sense" of the coming linear few months because there was never any sense in any of it simply a navigated pathway of least resistance. FREQUENCY now alters, bandwidth now expands and that which humanity have been led to believe simply dissolves in a moment. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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