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Dissolving of the "HEARD" in TRUTH

We in this our human physical form are limited by the surroundings in which our human physical vehicle exists.  It is vital that we begin to understand the limitations and how they can be SURPASSED by allowing that which is blocking the expansion at human physical waking level to reveal itself in order that it is DISSOLVED fully.  There are a myriad of false teachings out there that seek to have humanity somehow "master" their "demons".  Human language is one such barrier that is used repeatedly by darkness in order to manipulate and to disorientate.

Assumption has no place in the expansion process.  Assumption begins with the language that is used and the pictures that are built within the false reference points created through human culture and division.  ALL within the old earth construct is division and subtraction. It is in TRUTH not possible to be in debt because a "minus" number does not exist, it cannot exist, however darkness has used ancient sacred geometrical division and placed it deliberately within the spectrum in which our human physical vehicle exists.  In order to dissolve the false geometry we require to step out of all, any and every assumption and begin to stand in TRUTH by being still.

It takes one whisper to start a storm and this storm is always driven by darkness because it created the context and geometrical space in which division begins to multiply.  This of course makes no sense to the human logical mind which goes all out to not only dismiss this but to prove that it does not exist.  Its not about proving anything, TRUTH remains when all else is DISSOLVED.  We do not create TRUTH, this is not possible as TRUTH is the very fabric of wider creation but we do not exist within wider creation when we are held within the dimensional spaces that tether our human physical vehicle to the old earth.

There is a lot of TALK about the ascension process but this is done in division by separating the spirit from the human physical body.  We require BOTH to move past the boundaries that exist and into which we are first born.  We are not just a human physical vehicle, we are also spirit and we are bound both spiritually and physically. Placing focus on either will see that which requires to be dissolved hidden.  (Much like the optical illusion of two dots on a page, concentrating on one will see the other appear to disappear).

As this way of living is not supported beyond the frequency bandwidth that the human physical vehicle has been existing within the coding that is required is being dispersed through the breaking of the "snowglobe" (please see previous blog posts).  This is what is now rapidly altering the outer waking reality.  Unfortunately many within humanity are still attempting to live in the polarization that is the manifestation of the human logical mind and its need to separate and divide in order to make "sense" of something.

In TRUTH we can be both hot and cold at the same time, the temperature in a room can be both but many people will assume if it is not hot then it must be cold. This polarization is no longer supported and the outer waking reality is about to become very chaotic indeed.  The chaos of course is the assumption that something is not correct because up until very recently the chaos was presented as non chaos.  Again this is not accepted by the human logical mind which will go into overdrive if permitted and this will see an increase of mental fragility within humanity as the reality that we are conditioned to accept is solid begins to liquefy.

The spreading of " eye heard" is that which is the foundation of the illusion for it is not TRUTH, TRUTH does not require to be "heard" because it JUST IS.  We are asked at this time to remain still as that which is not truth dissolves.  The building is falling and many will attempt to count the bricks as the building falls, there is no servitude in this for the building itself is not truth and therefore will be dissolved. What the building was used for becomes obsolete immediately and it serves no one for this to be digested and somehow poured over.  When a wound is healing what does it serve to dissect the wound in order to prevent the healing?  we trust that the healing is occurring and allow the process to continue.

Much like planting a seed in a pot and then digging it up every five minutes to check it is actually growing prevents and holds back that which requires to take place we are now asked to take our hands off the wheel.   For many within humanity this brings up huge fear and this is required in order said fear can be acknowledged and DISSOLVED fully. There is no place for any fear in the new,  holding on to fear prevents movement into the new fully for fear is not TRUTH, it is a conditioned response to an assumed event used to manipulate our behavior and reaction.

At this time the division which sees humanity unity begins in earnest. We are asked to remain still and to remain in our hearts allowing LOVE in TRUTH to cleanse and clear not only our wounds by our vision, our human life experience and our entire reality.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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