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Dissolving "Polarization" in TRUTH

We are conditioned in this our human form to fall to assumption, to place together an incomplete picture using our false reference points in order to solve the "puzzle" that our human logical mind is trained to look for.   The human logical mind works only in absolutes, this is "hot" OR "cold", "left" OR "right" etc.   If allowed to take center stage it will polarize everything that is presented to our human physical form.  This is challenging no less when we are on the cusp of understanding which is gifted to us through personal experience through our connection to Christ by our Creator YHWY.

We may undergo something numerous times in order to reach understanding and often our Creator YHWY will present a human physical experience which allows us to reach different perspectives in order to bypass the polarization that our human logical mind demands must happen.  This may see us in deep frustration as we can FEEL that we are being shown something important but as our human logical mind will not allow us to easily reach it we will feel at odds within ourselves.

At these points we are asked to remain still on the Rock that IS CHRIST and to know that we will be able to bypass said polarization, the key is to sit still and allow the understanding to flood through us. Often our Creator YHWY will push the understanding through those around us so we must become more adept at listening to the WORDS THAT ARE USED AROUND US.  The context will be irrelevant, context is another tool of polarization, it is entirely possible, indeed it is cultivated within humanity for people to have a conversation that appears to be about one thing but is not due to the assumption of those taking part in said conversation. The space between the polarization of each individual is where Lucifer moves.  The hidden blind spots that occur due to said polarization.  We never ever look out on to a full picture at any time in this our human physical form due to the way that the human logical mind works to present the outer waking reality to us.  Remember we are SPIRIT WITHIN A HOUSING. How much we can see depends on our ability to see at a SPIRITUAL LEVEL and then allow our SPIRIT to lead us to understanding.

At this time massive changes are happening within our human physical forms. As we allow the anchoring of our SPIRIT then our outer waking reality will begin to shift in response. Our reactions, our behaviors, all will shift and change and this sends a ripple out across all of humanity for we are chained only through repetition.  It is how Lucifer controls humanity.  Routine, repetition, rote and ritual are embedded deeply into the human psyche for a reason. Humanity will always seek for that which feels and looks "familiar" due to this embedding.  This will now be broken down and the resulting spiritual and thus physical movement will unfold.

It is akin to a spiritual dam being burst and many within humanity will struggle to remain afloat for only those on solid ground will be able to stand, those who have traded solid ground for shifting sand will find that their housing begins to collapse. TRUTH JUST IS and is beyond our human knowledge.

We must now begin to build in TRUTH, with false foundations broken down, with walls demolished we can rebuild a new housing, a new way of living and step into TRUTH in this our HUMAN PHYSICAL FORM. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. KX

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