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Dissolving the HOLD of the WATCHERS in TRUTH

For many within humanity the very idea that prophesy is alive and they are living within it is nonsense and yet when we look around us the SYMBOLS and the SIGNS are everywhere. It is not enough at this time to simply use the reference points given by our human logical mind and to use anything that has been given to us as reference points within the dimensional space referenced as "earth".

Many who read the bible tend to do so in a "past" sense, that is reading about things as they "used to be" not understanding that the Word of YHWY is a living, breathing frequency and we are literally walking thru it. Granted we no longer may ride horses or donkeys, we may have upgraded to cars and other modes of transport but many within humanity still look for and accept their "tribe". The picture presented to the human eye is not what is written if we approach the word of YHWY thru our minds eye. However if we are able to go deep within our heart space it is all before us.

The WATCHERS have sat within humanity since they were created and their role in the end of times is to attempt to delay the uprising of LIGHT within humanity. Those who walk in service to CREATION in TRUTH will have first hand experience of WATCHERS because the WATCHERS know who WE ARE in TRUTH.

It is not TRUTH to bow to these beings and to accept without questioning their role and what they attempt to do. WE ARE under the banner of CHRIST Himself, WE ARE surrendered to Him and WE ARE under His Blood in TRUTH. It is therefore vital that the Children of ORION understand that they have sovereignty over the WATCHERS and that the WATCHERS must move out of the way of the Children of ORION or they will be moved by Christ Himself.

The WAR is WON, it was WON when Christ took the human physical vehicle and took it into DEATH and beyond. The time lag as it were between this occurring and humanity understanding His actions has been approximately 2,000 linear years but humanity will now be shown that which Christ revealed in His RETURN.

WE ARE not alone and WE ARE now rising, WE rise because that is our Creation in TRUTH purpose, humanity were never left to fend for themselves, this is the greatest and deepest lie that the Old Earth Matrix has conditioned the human race to believe. TRUTH now comes to reveal itself, to pull back the last veil in order that humanity can now understand who they are and why they are and in doing so stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and surrender the chains that bind them THRU LOVE in TRUTH.



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