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Divorcing from "reality" in TRUTH

For many at this time the breaking up of the linear and perceived solidity of the outer waking reality is highly triggering. That which the majority of humanity has taken for granted, the back drop to the human life experience if you will is now dissolving. In the dissolving is the reveal of that which it is in TRUTH and for many within humanity this is still held strongly filed under denial.

Much like a human being going thru a personal divorce with a spouse the separation of that which we have perceived as "solid", "reliable" and "fixed" is a process.  As the outer waking reality begins to reveal itself in TRUTH many are feeling very angry, very disappointed and very cheated.   How can the world be so different to that which we were taught to accept?  the answer because TRUTH JUST IS further adds fuel to the anger that many are feeling at this time.  The idea that somehow that which we have accepted and that which we have been "sold" are two different scenarios is for many overwhelming.

Just as with a human being going thru a divorce to a spouse the backlash is now unfolding. We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form that we must do X or do Y and in doing so we receive something in exchange. When we do not receive that which was promised we begin to often act as spoiled children and we rebel.  Cries of it being "unfair", "unethical" etc will fill the air but we are born into a construct that is designed to default on its promises.  ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD but the conditioning to accept all that glittered is strong.

Forgiveness is a key that unlocks the doors that begin to slam shut around those who can now begin to see that which we have all been kept blinded to in this our human physical form.  We can hold on to the anger, the regret, the bitterness all we wish to and darkness is banking on this, because said emotions are destructive to the human physical form itself.  Where we hold on to bitterness we will find that our human physical form begins to suffer from stomach issues, that we begin to find that our health suffers. Where hold on to anger we open the door for physical heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure etc. Where we hold on to regret and to loss we open the human physical form to various cancers and all of these are on the rise within humanity in general.

Darkness always knew that the veils would be torn down, we are forewarned therefore we are forearmed and we have the tools that are required to deal with the emotional fall out from a construct that was only ever designed to reap from the emotional harvest produced from within itself.

At this time we are asked to go within and to allow the healing to begin. To let go of the emotional debris and understand that only by being shown where we are in TRUTH can we even begin the journey that we must take from this point into TRUTH.  Without a solid navigation point we cannot journey, we would simply go around in circles.  The veils have not been torn down in order to somehow punish us (albeit the construct of religion promotes continually a wrathful and vengeful "GOD"), it is done in order that we receive the mercy that this offers us.

In a construct that seeks to hide itself, to remain invisible and then to continue to reap we must use fresh eyes, we must start to use the tools that our Creator YHWY provides for us and we must resist the temptation to take any of this personally. For it is in the making it personal that darkness holds us. To take any of this construct personally is akin to blaming a cow for mooing when we were conditioned to believe it can meow. None of this is personal because it is not about humanity per se, it is about the war that began before the creation of humanity between our Creator YHWY and Lucifer.

We simply were added to the mix and in being added we were manipulated, we were taught to rebel, to take sides and to then run with the assumptions that this creates.  There are no "sides" in TRUTH because ALL JUST IS and this is a difficult TRUTH for many to accept due to the polarization that is in effect in within this construct.  In a construct that seeks to have us choose what color the sky is by only offering the options of blue or black when in TRUTH the sky can be all colors in between. Remove the options other than blue or black and then place it in front of humanity.  Many will spend lifetimes defending either the blue or black but the entire point of removing the other options was to create the division that the defending creates.

At this time we are being removed from the polarization and this may have various manifestations as we remove the conditioning that kept said polarization in place. It is IN our surrender IN Christ that we find the shelter that we crave at this time as that which once made entirely logical sense to us is revealed in TRUTH and in said revealing is a sort of blast of chaos that seeks to sweep us off our feet.  We are simply being cleansed of the lenses of distortion that have seen us walk a certain way due to the effect said lens has on our eyesight.  Once we get used to life without a lens then we can then begin to walk again but our walk is not one that is round in circles or going off in tangents, it is a walk only in TRUTH for TRUTH is all that remains once said lenses are dissolved. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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