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Draining the swamp to stand on solid ground in TRUTH

We are all held to task emotionally by the experience of the old earth construct/matrix.  The emotional toll that the construct leaves within us is vast and this is now increasing as the old earth construct/matrix works to squeeze out every and any drop of emotional residue in its vain attempts at keeping the illusion presented stable.

We are weakest where we have built walls internally and we have sought to keep out human life experience due to the trauma that we have undergone initially.  Whether this is the physical loss of loved ones or the traumatic experiences that humanity are pushed through, it is the holding on to the emotional residue that begins a process within us that is akin to mildew.  We become emotionally "moldy" and instead of emotions washing cleanly thru us the emotional landscape becomes stagnant and in the stagnation grows the crop that darkness seeks to harvest.

As we move thru this and Christ begins to cleanse and to clear our held on to emotional residue this stagnation begins to move and to exit.  However we are deeply conditioned to reject our own emotional responses.  How often do we find ourselves saying "this is not right" or "this cant be happening"?  This denial is that which seeks to keep the stagnation in place, where we find denial we will find deep pain and we will find the high walls that we have built believing that by building said walls that somehow we are keeping further traumatic experience out, it is the very opposite that occurs, we keep the stagnation IN and in doing so prevent the movement out of said stagnation.

At this time there is a flood internally that is occurring that is seeking to wash us clean of all, any and every stagnant part of ourselves.  The resulting movement for many is often misinterpreted as a re- experiencing of that which we have sought to prevent and this illusion must be dissolved by allowing the cleansing to complete fully.  We do this thru our continued surrender IN Christ and asking for the Grace and Strength that only our Creator YHWY can provide for us during said process. We will find that as the clearing begins to intensify we gain NEW perspective and we begin to understand our own role in that which has occurred. By accepting our role and our emotional responses we then CLEAR them and in clearing them we alter our internal frequency and begin to move in ways that we simply could not move previously.

Our human eyes at this time are not our friends, it is the human eyes and the very logic and reasoning of our human logical mind which has allowed the manipulation to remain and once we gain our new perspective and understanding we can permanently step out of the manipulation.   It is Christ who walks IN us as we do this and we begin to then to see with CLARITY where before we only saw thru the lens of pain.  It is these false lenses that the old earth construct/matrix seeks to have us view the human life experience thru that keeps us in stasis and prevents our expansion and even our evolution.   We have been conditioned to remain childlike but in ways that are completely rebellious and have resulted in us siding with darkness unconsciously.

We are not here to experience the darkest parts of our own humanity albeit that has been the walk for all of humanity at any one given moment. We are here to heal and to move past that which has sought to keep humanity enslaved to the stagnation and which has sought to keep us chained to the ever turning wheel of the "daily grind".   In chaining us it has reaped from us and turned this human life experience on its head.

It is only now by standing IN Christ and looking at the darkest corners of our internal self that we can understand that it does not belong within us. It CAN be healed and it will BE healed as soon as we understand that by allowing it to remain we are in rebellion to our own purpose in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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