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Drying out in TRUTH

We have lived within and been conditioned to accept the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth" and which is the old earth construct/matrix as a solid reality which has rules that cannot be broken and which we are held tightly within.  For many within humanity the adjustment to the rules and the unspoken rituals of humanity has seen them surrender to the old earth construct/matrix itself.  Selling of souls is not something that is done in the reference points given by Hollywood and the media.  You don't have to stand at midnight reciting the Lords Prayer backwards on a full moon in order to barter your soul, the bartering took place prior to our incarnation into this dimensional space.  The old earth construct/matrix is designed as an open market. It is the buying back of souls that is in operation as humanity chooses which buyer to sell itself to.

We are not born with complete souls, upon incarnation we are given a piece of soul, just enough to keep us within the confines of the old earth construct/matrix and just enough to have us almost question but then allow the fear to arise and the questioning get lost in the need to somehow find "purpose" and "fit in".  This need for completion is driven by a set of false teachings that seek to have humanity find itself in someone external.  How many times do we hear the phrase "he/she completes me"?  What is hidden in this phrase is the fracturing that existed and still exists but is being hidden by the assumption that somehow another person can make us whole.  We can only ever be whole when we have our ENTIRE SOUL RETURNED and this is only possible when we are surrendered IN Christ for we require to hand our soul back in order to receive our Spirit in TRUTH.

If we keep searching using the false map which is the soul we will be forever searching in the wrong place.  The old earth construct/matrix is akin to a labyrinth and it is this map that the soul has, nothing else.  To walk beyond the old earth construct/matrix we require to use TRUTH as our navigation and this is not possible when using the soul and its false reference points.

Christ going beyond the Cross was Christ walking beyond the old earth construct/matrix, there is a boundary placed around this dimensional space and the boundary is there to keep humanity IN the old earth construct/matrix.  It is referenced as DEATH and the false teachings around death keep this dimensional holding space intact. Why would any human approach death?  as death has been referenced as the physical decomposition of the human vehicle then it can be seen why someone would step back from this, but the reference point is the illusion, we must walk beyond the old earth construct/matrix in order to walk into TRUTH, death is the moat around the castle and there is a way to walk across said moat without getting wet as it were.

To be surrendered IN Christ sees us walk where it is dry, walk where we are simply conditioned to believe that no one can walk. The construct of religion ties Christ to the Cross to re enforce the false teaching in respect of death being the physical decomposition of the human vehicle. By placing the focus of humanity on this one part of the crucifixion it keeps many in chains and prevents them from walking where Christ went which of course is only possible by being surrendered IN Him. Simply following Christ or worse trying to be as Christ we are held in the chains that are manifest through the frequencies that protect the dimensional space known as earth and referenced as the old earth construct/matrix.

The construct of religion has long sought to use death as a weapon AGAINST HUMANITY and still does. It is a carefully constructed construct that seeks to play on the fears of humanity and to place Christ as an idol, something of course we are forewarned about by our Creator YHWY and guided against bowing to and yet many do, each and every week. Holding Christ up on a pedestal and in doing so preventing their own salvation. Christ is the BRIDGE beyond the old earth construct/matrix and only by being surrendered IN Him, allowing His frequency to radiate from our heart center and envelope our entire energy field can we reach this understanding and from this understanding allow the walk that is now underway for many within the expansion in TRUTH process.

The heresy that is accepted by many within humanity will now be exposed in TRUTH, it is heresy to have our Savior on a pedestal, it is heresy to have Him kept at the Cross and in doing so prevent His message in TRUTH being understood by humanity.

Death could not hold Him because it is simply a dimensional space in which we have to let all that has held us to the old earth construct/matrix be removed. Once removed it has NO HOLD OVER US and Christ went into this dimensional space to reveal this to us.  It is the old earth construct/matrix that has sought to dismiss and skew this TRUTH and it is the old earth construct/matrix that perpetuates the theological debates and in doing so delays the salvation available to ALL who choose LOVE in TRUTH.

It is LOVE in TRUTH that took human physical form and humanity simply refused to believe, not because He did not speak clearly but because the conditioning was too strong.  Christ came not to just speak TRUTH and leave, He came to open a dimensional frequency bridge that allows those who can reach Him to CROSS OVER and in doing so understand that the dimensional space into which they were physically born is not of our Creator YHWY, it is a blasphemous copy of wider creation in TRUTH.

The writings have been skewed, hidden, re arranged and restructured to hide this but TRUTH JUST IS and as prophecy once more completes we will be able to reach the understanding that sits beyond human logic and reason.  Christ Himself stands in a dimensional space just beyond the death moat of the old earth construct/matrix and as we walk across this moat we will be shown why in order to understand why humanity have been kept in the chains they are born into and why many within humanity refuse to give up said chains.

Selling of souls keeps said souls BOUND to the old earth construct/matrix, it is the trade off between survival and expansion WITHIN the old earth construct/matrix itself. In order to exit the fairground we require to hand back our ticket and in doing so walk past the gates thru which we entered.  For many the lure of the fairground will be too bright and the lure of the promises offered simply too good to give up for others TRUTH calls to a level that cannot be ignored. As more and more within humanity now face the exit gates from the fairground the fairground OWNER will turn up, his need to reveal himself as all powerful will become too much and in doing this he will once more satisfy prophecy.

The world stage is about to become very crowded indeed, so crowded in fact that it collapses in on itself. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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