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Drying the wings before flight in TRUTH

For many within humanity it is becoming more and more painful to live a human life experience. The influx of technology and the separation physically of many with those whom they love is creating a vacuum that many are trying to fill with that which simply salves the moment.  Living in this way is a type of death and yet many would rather live like this than face any other alternative.

Those who are now moving within the expansion in TRUTH process are now asked to honor the wishes of the majority of humanity and leave well alone.  This works to do two major things, one is that it prevents the frustration that is arising within those who are attempting to show their loved ones another way of living.   This for many has become akin to banging their heads off a wall in frustration with the loved ones simply digging in their heels and maintaining their life experience much like a child who is in full defiance mode. (Which is what they are displaying and acting out in TRUTH).   Secondly it allows for the understanding of the 144,000 to begin.

With all evolution there was not a mass integration of species, when ALL was first formed it was formed from the seedlings of the races that then moved into ALL.  Everything is a process and when a seedling is growing it must do so with LOVE in TRUTH, a seedling cannot grow and thrive when it is starved of the very nutrients that it requires for its growth. So it is with those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process who are seedlings for evolution.

It will be at time of major breakthrough when we step back and begin to understand our place and our purpose in the bigger picture. Up until now many have sought to understand their purpose thru the validation of those around them, this is not possible, it is akin to standing in a playground whilst trying to complete an essay due for a university exam. The context is not supportive, those around the person attempting the essay are not experienced enough to add anything to the support and they go out of their way to pull the person into the game playing that is where they are at in THEIR evolution process.

It is now time to honor the wishes of the children and to allow them to continue to play whilst we now address that which we came here for. The time of waking up is now over, those who have woken will now be able to reach deeper states of awareness and expand their understanding, those who continue to display the rebellious behavior and who believe that there is only the one reality and one "earth" must now be left alone for they cannot go where we are about to move into.

For many within humanity this will bring up feelings of unease for we are often lulled into the illusion that those around us are our family and our loved ones and that we owe them something. This has locked humanity into a bondage that we are now walking out of. We do not walk out of this bondage in order to keep them in servitude but to SHOW THEM TRUTH.   For it is the actions that occur that show TRUTH not necessarily the wording and the language.  When we are taught to walk as children we are not given a book and sat down and read to, we are helped physically to understand the process of walking thru the adult showing us physically.

This is part and parcel of the expansion in TRUTH process. We must now walk our talk, to BE that which we came here to BE and to show TRUTH in the living and the breathing of a new way of life, a life that is denied within the old earth matrix and is hidden to those who are kept in bondage.

When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt he did not do so by going on to social media and sharing lovely pictures and selling a dream. He physically led them out of their bondage and physically placed them in a new life.  They then began to live in a new way creating new methods of living and expanding their understanding of their own life experience in the process.

We are now on the threshold of ALL and ALL stand ready to welcome us. As the majority of humanity look to a world that is on the edge of destruction and continue to throw bricks at one another we must now show compassion and simply walk away in order to walk BEYOND this and into TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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