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Dying to the Old, living in the New in TRUTH

We are moving in frequency and as we move and shift and expand we are required to let go of all that we were in order that we can align fully with WHO WE ARE IN TRUTH. This has always posed an impasse to us in this our human physical form for we are steeped in the lie that is death. Dying to the "old" involves various levels of release and some are very triggering indeed but we cannot align with TRUTH holding any frequency that is not TRUTH.

This will be revealed to humanity thru various events that are now unfolding and which reveal to humanity that which they have been steeped within. We are conditioned to accept death from the moment that we are born. It various in family lineages but the general consensus is that somehow we can keep those around us safe if we just bow to that which dictates our behavior.

We see this at this time in the fear that is sweeping thru humanity in relation to keeping those we love "safe". In TRUTH we are asked to love those around us nothing more. It is not our responsibility to keep them alive, this is not our role. Death is a frequency that visits thru humanity in a variety of ways. As someone who has experienced death in many forms from an early age I can testify to the fear that it instills. How it can prevent us moving back into life by keeping us in the false teaching that if we just try to control everything around us somehow we are safer than we were before. If we take our eye off the ball then something terrible might happen. Nothing can be further from TRUTH.

We have no control over death because that is not our role. We cannot live in fear of death because it will then rob us of life. We see this in the outer waking reality at this time, the pushing of the false teaching of "selfishness" on those who choose to keep living in the face of death. Death is part of the human life experience, the moment that we are born into this dimensional space then we are subject to death because that is the exit door that is used by the SOUL in which to line up and come back in again thru re incarnation. This is not TRUTH and so is at this time dissolving.

We are at this time asked to go deep within the heart space and dissolve the tendrils that hold us to the fear of death itself. We are being prepared for that which will now reveal itself within the human life experience itself and we are asked to remove the root in order that the false teaching is revealed and we can begin to heal it in TRUTH.

Many will trigger with the world events that are now to unfold, we cannot move into place holding the fear and the trauma of a race that has seen only fear and trauma. For further support and guidance please visit the main TRUTH Codes website.

One to one sessions to highlight, remove and heal are available. Please order thru the websites.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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