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Embracing LIFE in TRUTH

We are surrounded by the illusion of solidity and the illusion of linear which seeks to have us remain fully within the boundaries that the conditioning of Lucifer's world places around us, within us.  At any one moment we will come up against these inner boundaries, we will feel massive oppression and those around us will seek to draw us back from the very edge of these boundaries through their behavior, whether this is actual words or just their reactions to what we are living at that time.

It is to be noted that the oppression is deliberate, for in order to walk where Christ wishes us to walk with Him we are asked to surrender fully to the process and in doing so release the deep conditioning that is anchored WITHIN US personally. Always Lucifer will seek to place the illusion of boundaries externally forcing the human logical mind into seeking solutions that are only ever found internally and spiritually. It is our internal landscape that we walk in at a physical EXTERNAL waking level.  Whilst our focus is placed externally the work to walk into freedom is done internally.

Many within humanity are now reaching breaking point, with stress and strain on families beginning to manifest at a very physical waking level but this stress and strain has always been there, it is the spiritual separation that has remained hidden until this point in humanity.  Prophecy is fulfilling at all moments of all moments and we must remain solid on the Rock that is Christ as we now take these steps to freedom which are always taken internally.

As we remove the internal spiritual blocks we will begin to experience LIFE IN TRUTH, one of freedom that is spiritual and therefore physical freedom. This is beyond our human logical mind and is beyond what we have been permitted to access within Lucifer's world. We only ever reach understanding through allowing the process to reveal TRUTH and through the actual physical experience itself.

At this time we are asked to remain vigilant for Lucifer and his legions seek to blind us at every turn. Every time we fall to the illusion of external we are reminded to return to the internal and to seek Christ. It is through prayer and full surrender within the Salvation in TRUTH process that we are walked out of slavery and into freedom in TRUTH. This allows for massive changes at an everyday physical human level. We will see friendships dissolve in order they can be re-aligned in TRUTH. For many at this time relationships at all levels of the human life experience are being used by darkness to prevent the movement that is asked at this time.

Family BONDS are deep and that which remains hidden are the strongholds, curses and contracts that make up the family foundation.  Conditioning in relation to family is strong in order that the foundation remains hidden but surrender in Christ will reveal that which is preventing the movement in TRUTH.

Christ did not come to bring peace to humanity but to bring FREEDOM and this is achieved internally and spiritually.  That which our Creator YHWY has ordained will come to pass, it is our false belief that we know what is happening and placing said knowledge in the false context of Lucifer's world that delays this process.  Frustration is a tool of Lucifer and not of our Creator YHWY.  When frustration builds it is there because there exists a resistance to TRUTH, the more resistance the more frustration.  Lucifer's world is full of distractions in order that we seek to move into distraction rather than to remain strong and firm in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST Kx

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