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Embracing New Terrain in TRUTH

Psalm 23:3 (KJV)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me

When we first begin our journey with Christ into the Salvation in TRUTH process we do walk through the very symbolic valley of the shadow of death.  We will find that we no longer "fit in" with the patterning and the behavior of those who have chosen to remain separate from the Salvation in TRUTH process.  Within families this will manifest as feeling very alone and not "part of" what we once believed we were part of. We may feel completely isolated yet surrounded by family members. This is where Lucifer begins his assault via the human logical mind.  We may attempt to try to "fit back in" and attempt to revert to ways of living that we have surrendered.  The intense frustration and discomfort may trigger our human logical mind into looking for ways to address the isolation externally.

The above passage is our Creator YHWY's promise to us that we will never walk alone, even though our human logical mind screams at us that we have somehow taken a wrong turning and it may also go so far as to dictate that unless we go back to the path we have been released from we will remain alone, this is not TRUTH.  It is a test of our FAITH to the deepest levels to remain firm on the Rock that is Christ when this arises. It may arise often as the cleansing in TRUTH process begins internally. We may turn from much previously loved past-times or interests as we begin to walk where we have never walked before.

It is important to note that each walk is slightly different for each person, the construct of traditional and mainstream religion would have us fall to the illusion that we require to follow a list of rote and ritual to be able to walk the narrow path and nothing is further from TRUTH. It is not man who defines the path that we walk it is Christ, Himself that shows and leads the way. Our Creator YHWY will continue to validate at a physical human level the walk that we are taking.  "thy rod" relates to the opposition and correction that our Creator YHWY will show us when we walk off the path whilst still believing that we are on it. He corrects us by preventing our movement until we can understand WHY we are prevented from accessing what we had attempted to access and interact with.  None of this will be from a logical point of view for TRUTH is beyond logic and our Creator YHWY is not bound by logic, neither is Christ.

A good portion of "thy rod" is in relation to the very logical way that we have been conditioned to expect and to interact with the wider waking world within humanity.  This is the training that Lucifer has placed the human mind within in order to prevent us reaching the very Salvation in TRUTH process that we are within.  Therefore Lucifer will pull out all stops to engage the human logical mind over the heart for the heart is also not bound by logic.

The cleansing of the internal will lead to a frustration and a crossroads, logical mind over heart and we are not expected to get it right first time, every time, that is the false rod that Lucifer has planted within the construct of religion that seeks to have followers remain within a tight frame of living that is not TRUTH. For those who have fallen into the construct of religion the actual journey into the Salvation in TRUTH process itself is fraught with the choice of "man or GOD" which will crop up time and time again.  Often it will be more challenging to move within the Salvation in TRUTH process if the construct of religion is still interacted with and those within humanity attempt to use their own version of "thy rod".  NO ONE in TRUTH can judge for judgment is for YHWY alone and yet many will attempt it over and over again, fully believing that somehow they are closer to God and are only doing "God's Will".  This is not how our Creator YHWY works and is clearly shown in the Word of YHWY.  We are warned that we cannot serve two masters and yet the construct of religion has this in place at its very foundation.

At this time we are asked to allow the movement internally that allows for vast movement externally, our human logical mind will scream "how", "why", "when" in an attempt to delay the process further.  The spirit is willing and the flesh is indeed weak for we walked only in the flesh when within Lucifer's world. The definitions given to us within said world are that which keep us trapped in cycles and contracts that we cannot see with our human logical mind nor eyes.

TRUST in Christ for HE alone is who walks us out of darkness and fully into the LIGHT of TRUTH. Kx

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