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Embracing our Humanity in TRUTH

It is all very well to understand how things are unfolding in the outer waking reality but how do we move past this at an everyday waking human level. For many within humanity the integration of the new earth and the old earth is impossible. Many state very clearly that some great event has to occur before suddenly humanity somehow wake up and smell the coffee.  Yet the changes are there, the choice is always there, to be kind, to be helpful, to reach out to our fellow human beings.

Having been in a different culture for a period of years I have returned to a country that I do not recognize. The changes in such a relatively "short" period of linear years is breathtaking yet our humanness remains.  Interacting within a small community shows that underneath what the media would have us believe is a faceless society, our humanity is still intact. It does not take some massive show of effort for the ripples to go back out across humanity for we are all connected at all times.  A simple conversation, a lending of a hand with some shopping, a coffee with someone who does not go out much, all are a something huge for those who are the recipients of such interaction.

For those who take for granted the interaction the realization that for some within humanity human interaction is a rare occurrence may be a shock. Many live in isolation not of their choosing. The infrastructure of the wider waking world seeks to isolate a vast majority of the population who remain hidden. Having returned to a country that has sought to make human contact as difficult as possible it is challenging to understand that many people simply do not see the wider implications of the changes.

Rural communities are most affected with cuts in so called services blamed on various government policies and yet still accepted and adapted to.  The taking out of monies from society is deliberate, the conditioning to use plastic instead of coins and notes is deliberate. Those who scoff at a cashless society have never tried to live in a rural location where the nearest bank is a good few miles away. It is only when the technology begins to break down that the conditioning can be seen. We are slaves to technology until we begin to understand the ROLE of technology in the separation of our humanity from our human life experience.

Far from making life easier it is causing more harm than can be seen. We will soon be totally reliant on various forms of technology for one thing or another and this sees us totally reliant on the very systems that work against humanity.  We have a choice of whether to accept technology or not, whether to use it for or against our own humanity is also there. Being aware of how we are being conditioned is step one.  Its not an all or nothing scenario and many are attempting this. Many are opting fully out of mainstream society not understanding that this has very little impact on the system at all, the system is designed to separate one human being from another, so those who choose to "opt out" are merely doing the systems work for it.

Those who embrace without a thought the same system are also opting out for many see human interaction as something to be avoided. Stand in a line of people waiting to be served in a store and you can see the frustration and the anger build as they are forced to "wait" to be served. Where are they in a hurry to get to? the answer is probably not what we believe, many are running attempting to get ahead of themselves because that is what technology is driving. We cannot get ahead of ourselves for we only have each moment yet the human logical mind will attempt to take over and to drive us to do more in the full illusion that somehow we are living more and having more experience. We are being conditioned to be impatient, to be demanding and to be rebellious.

When we are lying on our deathbeds which we all will be at some point for death is inevitable, we will not lie there wishing we had taken less time in the supermarket and that we had sent out more tweets than we did.  We will look at our human interactions and wish we had loved more and spent more time with those who mean the most to us.  This is of course hidden to us as we rush about going nowhere and push reality to the back of our minds in the pursuit of that which is merely illusion.

In Lucifers there are many ways to die and all whilst we are still breathing. In our Creator YHWYs world we have eternal life for we live through the heart, pausing for those precious moments where our hearts connect to those around us, for in those moments we are fully alive in TRUTH. Kx

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