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Embracing the RISE of TRUTH

As we now approach the time of year where many are simply paying homage to an ancient ritual that has passed from the memory of humanity many are feeling the significant changes and shifts that are taking place beneath this. EASTER is not what is presented, it is based on the changing of the moons and this is why is seems to shift and change each year. What did not change and has never changed is the actual CRUCIFIXION. It always amazes me how those who are steeped in traditional religion will accept the movement of such an important part of Christs journey and never question it. HE ROSE at a particular time in a particular place on a particular day. Christ in TRUTH has NOTHING to do with changing moon phases.

This merging of different rituals and deities, many who have simply fallen from the memory banks of humanity is how Satan keeps those who have wandered off the narrow path on the wider path. Human language as we are now experiencing first hand with the "woke" movement is that which is used in order to confuse and to hide. Words do not have the same meaning across different cultures, across the sexes or even across the generations and assumption of a meaning is the start of the blurring of the picture that is actually being presented.

WE ARE at a pivotal point in the evolution process which is now kickstarting at a deeper level. We are not moving into "ascension", this is a trick of the false light giving the impression that somehow those in "ascension" are above those who are not. EVOLUTION is the process that humanity are now entering, it is needed because for aeons darkness has sought to keep humanity in the 2000 year cycles of seeding, growth and harvesting. WE ARE here in order to disrupt this process and prevent the full harvesting of this race.

As we now enter the RISE of CHRIST we will be met with the full force of that which seeks to keep Him from returning. Darkness is no match for LIGHT because LIGHT dissolves darkness. That which is playing out at a world level will now be revealed in TRUTH, those who seek to keep humanity chained and imprisoned in the lower dimensional planes of existence will be removed spectacularly and this will be validation to those who are now preparing to RISE WITH HIM.

All is not as it appears to naked human eyes.


Karen x

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