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Embracing TRUTH, dissolving illusion

We are at this moment in our expansion in TRUTH process aligning with wider Creation in TRUTH. This sees us pulled out of time-streams, incarnation cycles and patterns that are not TRUTH. At a physical waking everyday level it will see some particularly strange manifestations where things that we have not thought about too deeply suddenly swim to the surface. We may find very strange incidents occurring to and around those closest to us as we are moved from a wider path to a very narrow one.

This is often perceived as something to be wary of but at this time it is something to be embraced, indeed the more that we can surrender to the synchronicity of it all the easier the process is on our human physical vehicle and the easier it is accepted by our human logical mind. Going against the synchronicity will see us opposed and this would create a wave that works against us. At this time we are asked to suspend all logic and reasoning and ACCEPT and TRUST the process as it unfolds. At times it will be beyond breathtaking as that which has held us firmly in its grip LETS GO.

It is the letting go of the grip that will see us moved at speed into position.  The energies are now heightening both around us and within us to allow the speed of manifestation to increase.  It is not a step forward and three steps back scenario and we must suspend the need of our human logical mind to validate this.   We are asked to accept the grace of our Creator in the movement for we are moved out of place in order to be in the precise place that we are required to be.

ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS TO THE HUMAN NATURAL EYES at this moment and we must simply let go and trust.  All that we have prepared for, all that we have learned, all that we have experienced now begins to flow thru us and out into the space around us.

Breathing and relaxing is part of the process as we now begin to work to harmonize with ALL and in doing so let go of pain, separation, trauma and cyclical living in TRUTH.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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