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Ending the Emotional Turmoil in TRUTH

We have been conditioned within our humanity to accept that which is against our Creation Purpose and this is done in various ways.  To impress and continually place before humanity a way of living that is in contravention to our Creation Purpose is how Lucifer maintains his tight control over humanity.  Give humanity the illusion that they have freedom of choice and humanity will then never challenge their own reality as the human logical mind accepts that freedom is there.  However freedom in TRUTH and restricted freedom based on an outline that can never be deviated from without a backlash is not the same.  We demand many things in this our human form but said demands are always within a hidden framework.  The human logical mind works only in absolutes and when placing focus on one part of the human life experience will ignore other parts thus giving a very skewed picture indeed.

The chaos that Lucifer courts is always an indication of something at work. How often do you find yourself in an inner turmoil that seeks to promote a certain course of action only to realise after the fact some time later that the decision made for a path of action to open up that could not be seen and was now unwanted? This is how Lucifer works to create an emotional internal storm that blinds us at a human waking conscious level and has us seeking to find "shelter from the storm" but the false harbors that are offered simply place focus away from said storm, the storm is still there and will spring to life at a later date when manipulation is in full flow from Lucifer.Psalm 46:10 (KJV) Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth

One of the most challenging things we can do in this our human form is find that place of stillness when our human logical mind is literally screaming for us to "take action".  All is conditioning, we are conditioned to react in a certain way and this conditioning is subtle. It is one thing to state "be still" and yet another to reach said stillness. It is at the times of the strongest storms that we are asked to seek shelter by standing on the Rock that is Christ in TRUTH.  Many believe that simply addressing the problem through human interaction is the answer and this simply sets off a chain of events that blind ALL PARTIES to said storm.

So how do we sit still and step out of the storm simply by accepting and allowing Christ to protect us?  Prayer is a weapon that is only ever used when used to enforce and not to defend.  The construct of religion seeks to define prayer and seeks to dis-empower prayer, always in the Word of YHWY we are told to use prayer but many within humanity do not understand the reason for prayer. It is not just the wording that is used by the CONNECTION TO AND BEYOND CHRIST that is the weapon. For Christ has already won the war in TRUTH, we are simply stating our VICTORY THROUGH CHRIST.

Spiritual rules apply at all times but if these rules are hidden they cannot be used. Just as you would not go to a court of law and defend yourself without understanding the case that is being built against you you do not stand in prayer without understanding the POWER of VICTORY that CHRIST has already won.  The human logical mind will rebel against this TRUTH, it will state, "words what do words do, action is required".  But just as we would not dare cross a busy highway with a blindfold on and expect not to get hit by a car we cannot expect to take action without understanding the role of the action.  Lucifer CANNOT make something happen other than through the interaction of the human being with the situation that he is creating. The catalyst that brings the "event" to life is human interaction. Without this he cannot work in the physical world. Always there has to be a human connection and this is hidden in plain view.

When we read the Word of YHWY we begin to understand through our connection to Christ in TRUTH the reason that Christ went to the Cross and the reason that Lucifer tried to PREVENT Him doing so. Many within the construct of religion seek to promote the power in the Cross without acknowledging the opposition that Lucifer created to Christ achieving this. Always darkness will prevent TRUTH from being exposed for darkness works on the precept that humanity do not understand their own freedoms.  A man who is put in jail for a crime that is not actually a crime will accept his interment if he does not know there is actually no crime committed.

So it is with Lucifer, many within humanity simply accept the outer waking reality.  They hurt deeply and do not understand that this is NOT TRUTH, whilst yes it is a physical experience it is not TRUTH, it is simply the lie that Lucifer pushes humanity to accept.  They then begin to adapt to life around said pain and the manipulation begins. Always there is an exit point and this is Christ Himself.

Unfortunately the human logical mind has been conditioned to look for "proof" and to demand it be revealed prior to the physical interaction.  In order to understand the full Power of the Cross we must exercise it. Much like simply reading about gym exercises do not actually strengthen our muscles we must physically interact in order to gain the physical experience.

Millions within humanity fully believe the lie that the Word of YHWY is a book that is a story and they allow their human logical mind to prove this to them repeatedly for they are not permitting PHYSICAL INTERACTION with said Word of YHWY.  The bible was not written for man just to read and intellectually interpret. IT IS A HANDBOOK of physical action that can be taken in respect of darkness.  Many within humanity sit at a table with a knife and fork starving for they do not understand that in order to eat they must use the knife and fork and interact at a physical waking level.

We are NOT here to submit to the false reality of Lucifer. WE HAVE A CHOICE and that choice is found in our full surrender to Christ in TRUTH. It is Christ who leads us through the VERY PHYSICAL path that is revealed upon our surrender.  Until we surrender the path is simply a route that is known about but that is never physically walked for it can only ever be brought into the physical through our physical interaction with Christ Himself. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE Kx

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