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Enduring trauma and pain in TRUTH

We are born into a construct that seeks to condition and mold us at all moments of all moments.  "Nature or Nurture" is often quoted and yet "nature" and "nurture" are irrelevant in TRUTH.  For there is no "nature" within a construct that was created to manifest pain and trauma in TRUTH.  We are conditioned to remain within the tight boundaries of "knowledge" and those who attempt to step beyond are attacked and belittled due to the fear that the movent creates within humanity as a whole. We are forewarned of this in the book of Revelation: Revelation 18:4 (KJV) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Christ walked the earth in order to SHOW TRUTH and humanity reacted by crucifying Him for it.  Such was the fear that His interactions provoked within those who stood on the foundation of "knowledge" that crucifixion in order to remove the disruption was the only choice that was ever going to be made.  Humanity has remained chained to the tree of knowledge and many will continue to defend said tree refusing to accept that there is another way for that was CREATED through the death and full resurrection of Christ.

Lucifer conditions humanity to rely on their human eyes and human logic.  Many will defer to "science" repeatedly and hold "science" as proof of belief but belief is not TRUTH, it is irrelevant if you believe in rain or snow for example, the rain will fall and the snow will blizzard both are out with belief.  So too is TRUTH for we do not believe TRUTH, we can only ever recognize it through our surrender in Christ.  Often even when it is revealed to us we run the gauntlet of the human logical mind which tries to take over and to disprove that which is being experienced and it will be physically experienced. Christ physically died on a wooden cross.  Many within humanity continue to scoff because human logic states that a human being who no longer breathes is dead and that death is the end.  Despite a man going through death and coming out the other side human logic prevails.  It prevails for the fear that it produces keeps those experiencing the fear from movement that would dissolve said fear.

Humanity have been conditioned to accept fear as real and many survive on fear as they would food to survive.  Indeed when the human life experience begins to produce less fear often those experiencing this will go all out unconsciously to bring back in the fear that they sense is missing. This is backed up repeatedly through social media with a continual out pouring of trauma, tension and drama. A society fed on this will begin to rely on this and accept this as a foundation, building upon it with more and more fear and not recognizing the damage that this manifests.  Fear works against the human vehicle at all moments, it is fear that creates disease patterns for it begins to break down the human vehicle but much akin to an alcoholic that begins to rely on alcohol the actual substance that does the damage becomes the focus and the addiction remains.

Fear is an addiction that is portrayed other than it is in TRUTH. Humanity are now almost consumed by the very things that they seek to escape.  There is only one escape route but it is hidden to the majority of humanity due to the blindness that darkness causes within the conditioning. Many within humanity fully believe that they are in control of their human life experience, that knowledge is simply something they have to find and learn and it will solve that which is presented to them by the human logical mind. The human logical mind is now in overdrive, the levels of anxiety and mental distress within humanity are at unprecedented levels and this is no surprise when society is feeding upon what it manifests, it is self consuming and the self is the key.

We are not alone unless we believe that we are. Many will go all out to prove just how hard it is to exist as a human being, believing the conditioning fully that human life IS trauma and suffering.  Just because it manifests as trauma and suffering does make it TRUTH, a construct designed to manifest such is only doing that which it is designed to do.

We are not asked to attempt to change the design of the construct for it will not survive. The end of days is the end of the construct but many within humanity will continue to use knowledge as the ladder to escape the house that is now falling down. The open window is the illusion presented by lucifer, just learn more and you will rise above is a dense but very deep and supported illusion within the construct itself. It is part of the actual design.  A jail cell with scatter cushions is still a jail cell albeit a nicely decorated one.

There is only ONE route out of the construct and it is internal. The starting point is found deep within the human heart space for it is there that Christ knocks, waiting for us to answer. So loud and so chaotic is the outer waking reality that we are born into that few allow the silence to begin that sees them hear the knocking in the first place.  Christ is not found in a building, He is found INSIDE OUR HEARTS for He is out with the construct and only our heart space is connected to anything out with said construct. ALL is by DESIGN, the architect is Lucifer and he will keep humanity trapped within infinite mind-scapes seeking the way out and presenting further illusion, seeking to keep humanity chained to logic and knowledge and out of the heart space lest they FEEL below the illusion for it is hollow, it is not real, it is simply illusion masquerading as life when it is in TRUTH a living death. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST. Kx

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