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Enforcing our Victory in Christ in TRUTH

Human language is a tool often used to confuse and to manipulate, many words within many different languages simply have no translation and attempting to translate loses the actual meaning.  So we are faced with a continually moving dialogue that is open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. This of course is deliberate and we are given various rational and very logical explanations as to why this is manifest in this dimensional space that is referenced as Earth.

Language has moved one step further into darkness by being placed on a virtual platform, language is emotive, it is brought to life by the emotional response that we have to it at any one time.  An email, a text message or the written word can have different meanings dependent upon how we feel at any one moment.  It is our emotional reaction that of course opens the door for manipulation. Anger is the most often used of emotional reactions by darkness, enrage a human being and you can take them on an entire journey before they realize they have even taken a step.  Push a human being into the arena of anger and self destruct comes out to play. It is only afterwards when the arena is exited (if it is at all, many simply make the arena invisible to the naked human eye) that the journey is even seen.  The journey of course is always away from the heart space, anger protects the human heart from OPENING, it does not protect the human heart from hurt.

We are called upon during the cleansing and clearing process often to enforce our Victory in Christ but what does this involve? do we stand and shout at the devil waiving a bible and stating that we are of Christ therefore please get out our way? Well we can try this and many do repeatedly but the devil will just laugh and throw his bible back at us.  There is no power in ANY words of our Creator YHWY if these words are not connected to Christ Himself. If we do not have an active HEART CONNECTION and SURRENDERED IN Him then we are simply stuck within the rote and ritual that passes for a connection in the old earth construct/matrix.

Darkness KNOWS which children are of our Creator YHWY, darkness knows what are words and which are TRUTH because Darkness does not require human eyes to see, it sees at a vibration level, seen at this level TRUTH is revealed. It is yet another tool of darkness to force humanity into using their human eyes and human logic. The optical illusion of density is defended by those who are cut off from their heart space and who are spiritually bound.  It is the unbinding that allows our spiritual eyes to gain in strength and allows our vibration to resonate with TRUTH.

When we are within Christ, that is STANDING IN Him at a vibrational level then we are hidden from darkness, darkness knows that Christ is the son of our Creator YHWY and has power. It is THIS power that we are Victorious in, not our own personal power, not because we have gone to church daily and we do not drink or party or wear certain clothing. It is our connection IN Christ that is powerful. We can say the lords prayer from morning to dusk and dedicate our entire life to rote and ritual but we are merely going through the actions, there HAS to be a connection.

This connection is available to every single human being alive within this dimensional space. Christ walked with those who were rejected by those around them, why? because He knew that they were more open to the LOVE in TRUTH that He carried.  He cared nothing for those who THOUGHT they knew it all, He stood against them because He was here to show TRUTH and to reveal LOVE in TRUTH.  LOVE in TRUTH does not care about your financial status, does not care what you have done and what you have not done, how many times a day you brush your hair or if you have ever taken drugs or a drink.  LOVE in TRUTH simply looks to set up home and begin healing. The entire point of LOVE in TRUTH is to heal and in doing so repair and restore.

LOVE in TRUTH is not external, you will not find it in the outer waking life experience within the dimensional space that is the old earth construct/matrix because it is not something that can be given, it can only ever be received. From where? from wider Creation where it is the very foundation of everything.  LOVE in TRUTH flows from the heart, it is not given and placed inside the heart, this is lucifers version of love and has fooled an entire race forever.  Love is not something that can be lost because only when we are found do we understand it in TRUTH.

LOVE in TRUTH is the ember that ignites when Christ enters our heart. It is the ember that ignites and begins to repair the darkness that we are born into and within. The human vehicle is the housing for our spirit, it is tainted because it was designed to exist within this dimensional space. It requires repaired down to DNA/RNA level.  Only LOVE in TRUTH can do these repairs because it is the highest vibration that exists.

We are conditioned to manipulate those around us in order to gain love but this is merely survival. We are born with an open heart that begins to close as we begin to experience this dimensional space. It is a harsh, unforgiving space that conditions us to retreat and to become hard and unyielding, it conditions us to be brittle and in doing so deny our own humanity.

We require to become more flexible and to begin to heal and repair and this journey starts personally internally within us. Only when we have permitted Christ to light the fire do we even begin to understand how much we have lived in darkness and it is from this starting point that we begin our journey BACK TO TRUTH.

At this time we are being moved into a new way of being through the stabilization of our internal energy field which surrounds the human heart itself. It is this internal stabilization that sees us remain on solid ground and in doing so ENFORCE OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST, this VICTORY is for LOVE in TRUTH,


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