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Engaging the deep heart, disempowering the deep mind in TRUTH

At each moment of each moment we have choice. As the outer waking reality begins to break down it will do so by dissolving the two extremes that are currently being highlighted. This polarization is that which holds stasis in place. In order to remove the stasis internally we require to go deep into the heart space and turn on the internal navigation system that we have anchored thru our SPIRIT in TRUTH. This internal navigation system DOES NOT RELY ON OUTER CUES in order to work and to navigate.

Humanity are trained and highly conditioned to navigate using those around them. How often when musing over a choice do we speak the choice out loud in order to gauge the reaction of those closest to us? this is an example of the conditioning that we are subject to from our birth into the physical plane.

Heart based navigation relies only on the frequency of TRUTH. It cuts a path thru the illusion that simply cannot be seen by the human logical mind which has a default position of POLARITY/NEUTRALITY. When we attempt to sit on the fence we are not sitting in the middle being neutral, we are not actually in play, if we are not in play we cannot affect anything around us. The Old Earth Matrix knows this and this is why often the outer waking reality will be presented in the most triggering way. This sees a good proportion of humanity simply overload and take themselves out of the physical plane.

Remember we have to be in the NOW moment, a step forward or a step back, a step left or right sees us out of sync and becoming a bystander. It is in the interest of the Old Earth Matrix to have as many bystanders as possible and use their emotional debris to wrap around those who are then fueled by the bystanders. This goes unseen by the human logical mind and the natural eyes but is highlighted fully thru our internal heart navigation. Thus when we navigate from the deep heart space we can dissolve OUR OWN TRIGGERS permitting us to move thru the illusion unaffected and secure in our walk.

At this time the triggering will go off the scale, as those who have harnessed and fully touched their inner anger during "lock down" use it against themselves. It does not hurt the Old Earth Matrix one bit because the anger is part of the weaponry given to those incarnated into the Old Earth Matrix, it is a tool of destruction, ripping apart all who come into contact with it. View it as a laser beam that is used to destroy all around a particular person. The only thing that anger does is destroy, it is not constructive at any level whatsoever.

At this time we are asked to go within and remove the triggers for we are now asked to walk upon the water in order to reach the shore. It is the human mind that tells us that this is impossible, our deep heart space simply reveals the way and asks us to walk.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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