WE ARE never more blind than when we believe our human eyes and defer to our human logical mind and at this time there is so much to try to dismiss. This time of "year" is one in which all are trying to be perfect, to get the perfect "season" in order and already the mass hysteria is building. The human race CRAVE NORMAL and they have not understood and completely dismiss any and all idea that says it will not return.

We will see very strange behavior over the coming few weeks as the human race try to PROVE to themselves that what they have lived over the past linear 2 years was just a blip in the human life experience. They will go ALL OUT to prove that they were correct in obedience and will challenge to the hilt ALL EVIDENCE that disproves this. It is akin to a small child being caught with their hand in the cookie jar and accepting responsibility for it being there. "what me eating a cookie, no the jar fell over, I was just picking them up to put them back in".....

So we must now step out the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and ignore all calls to "hold the elevator" because some of them will see the elevator door open and assume it is their birth-right to ride alongside of us. None more so than human family who will get aggressive if they are told no. So we do not tell them no, we just carry on, we step into the elevator and push the button and the ELEVATOR MOVES US UP AND OUT OF THEIR WAY. We do not attempt to reason, explain or even hold the elevator from moving. As this is to protect us we will be opposed if we try to stop the button from being pressed.

A team of angels who's job is to make sure the elevator is elevated stand by, they will stand around us, holding our frequency even and protecting us from the poison that is sent in our direction. It is the skull matrices that keep us invisible as we enter the various platforms that have been DENIED to the human physical vehicle. This is a pivotal time and we are asked to surrender. The human logical mind will not like the coming few linear weeks and may try to persuade us that we have done something wrong. NOT SO, it will be validated repeatedly to the point that we cannot mistake what is happening.



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