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Entering the Matrices in TRUTH

For many at this time it is a time of major shifting and major transformation however the outer waking reality is stubborn and the human logical mind will implore the human eyes to remain with the overlay that has been used as long as possible. This results in many who can feel a shift and a change but are still viewing thru the lens that was being used before. As this is detrimental to this stage of the ascension into full EVOLUTION process this is now to be addressed fully.

It is the Skull Matrices that are the key to ALL at this time and many will now begin to work with the Skull Collective in a new and expansive way. It is the Skull Collective who holds the space for our human physical vehicle to navigate when we are walking in the inter, intra and multi dimensional layers of frequency bandwidths. Without this support we will find it difficult to navigate and we could end up getting very lost indeed. As this has no servitude to our purpose it is forbidden to access a deep matrix without the proper alignment with the correct hosting platform.

This is akin to boarding a flight with the pilot and attendants in place, attempting to navigate without the correct alignment is attempting to fly the plane by ourselves. Whilst many would like to take on the role of pilot it is not TRUTH because we have never explored these dimensional planes whilst taking human physical form so the presentation of said planes is different to that which we have experienced in our TRUE form prior to human incarnation.

At this time we are navigating the circumference of the dimensional space that humanity are conditioned to accept is "earth" and we are awaiting extraction. This is not however a time of sitting around and waiting, it is time of navigation, of release and of walking where we have never ventured previously.

We are asked to allow the shifts to take place and to allow those who are here to aid us in navigation to appear to us. We are not alone, we have never been alone and now those who have walked to us and remained invisible to us at a spiritual level now reveal themselves in TRUTH.

For those who believe they have been walking with angels, time will tell for many of the fallen will now be revealed in TRUTH for they cannot navigate beyond the Old Earth Matrix itself, their frequency bandwidth does not allow this and as they approach the edges their identity will be revealed for the ability to keep the illusion intact dissolves.

This is a time of massive change for humanity and a time of massive reveal for TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE


(c) Karen Doonan

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