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Eradicating the TOXICITY of the MATRIX in TRUTH

There are many who stick to rigid routine and rote in relation to health and well-being at a human physical level and who adhere to the false teachings in relation to human health and who would claim that they are somehow vibrating at a higher frequency due to this.  ALL THAT IS SPIRITUAL WILL MANIFEST AS PHYSICAL and ALL THAT IS NOT CLEAN AT SPIRITUAL LEVEL CANNOT BE CLEAN AT PHYSICAL LEVEL no matter what the mirror reflects back to us.

We cannot see the stains on our soul when we look in the mirror, we are conditioned so heavily to see the human physical body that we see little else.  So dense is the conditioning in relation to health and nutrition that many are simply lost in the maze that is created deliberately for the human race to run around akin to lab rats in a mad test.

Spiritual cleanliness is vital in order that we can move into the next phase of our expansion process in this our human physical form.  The blog written yesterday touched upon the harvesting that happens from those closest to us.  A harvest has to be a particular food, whether it be grief, anger, apathy, distress etc, each has a very distinct frequency, whilst anger is part of grief it has a separate frequency from grief, grief and anger combined create a different frequency etc.   In order for the harvest to take place the soil in which the seed is planted has to match the needs of the seed that is grown.

We will all have had interactions on the spiritual plane that gives us very clear indications of that which is playing out and yet many people still believe that when they close their eyes they are somehow just processing the day they have lived and they are dreaming.  Such is the density of conditioning in relation to the spiritual plane that many are simply allowing the toxicity to remain and not removing it.

It matters not what you do at the human physical level, you can jog, you can consume entire fields of wheat-grass juice and avoid the "junk" that your eyes and brain tell you will kill you but if you do not dissolve the toxicity at a spiritual level then you are being slowly poisoned and this will kill faster than any junk food diet.

The more spiritually compromised a person is the more that they will experience attacks from the spiritual realm and this is well underway at this time. Many have allowed that which is not clean into their human physical vehicle under the guise of "angels" or " ascended masters" which are not what they portray in TRUTH.  These entities have begun to drip the spiritual toxins required in order to BLIND THEIR HOST and many are now simply sleeping in a field of dreams.

Spiritual toxins make the host dull, it allows the host to side step that which they are required to do by distraction.  So you may well be fully intent on looking at an area of the human life experience but then a friend calls and you go out for coffee instead.  Now I am not for one moment saying that you cannot go out for coffee, it is the TIMING of said distractions that will give the clue to that which is unfolding. When we approach a spiritual toxin  it will defend itself through illusion. It do this by giving various logical reasons as to why it has to remain and indeed the more toxic the toxin it will demand that the host cannot exist without its presence.

At this time the deep sleep that is now enveloping a mass section of those who claim to be awake is descending. It is the apathy, the sense of feeling that you have reached the end when in TRUTH we have only just begun that shows the toxin is ACTIVE. Many toxins are used at the edge of frequency barriers, so as the host approaches a frequency that will allow for deep expansion the defending begins and the sleep resumes. Much like using a map which is out of date many believe they have reached their destination but energy never stops moving, expansion never stops expanding and wider creation in TRUTH never stops expanding in TRUTH.

There is NO final destination, there is a gradual moving into expansion and movement that then accelerates. There is no "5th dimension" because that is merely a confined space that has been accepted by those who cannot comprehend wider creation in TRUTH. We are DISSOLVING the matrix fully, we are not redesigning it or worse keeping parts of it and simply adding to the bits we do not like, it is ALL DISSOLVING PERMANENTLY.

In order to wake from the slumber we require to become more conversant with our own spiritual landscape and to look again at that which we have simply permitted to walk with us.  As detailed in yesterdays blog, the default position if we have not stated very clearly our authority in TRUTH is acceptance.  To be unbound at the human everyday waking level we must first of all release the binding that we have permitted at the spiritual level, otherwise we are simply walking on a longer leash which will pull us back at some point and prevent our movement when we reach the end of it. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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