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Everything is energy but energy JUST IS in TRUTH

Within humanity at this time is a rising denial of all that IS in TRUTH.  As the waking up process now stalls many are attempting to close their eyes to that which is being revealed. It is a conditioned response for a human being to deny that which is presented in TRUTH in favor of that which is PERCEIVED.  So we have various sections of humanity who are attempting to alter that which is being presented and filter it thru the denial conditioning that sees the picture fit in to that which they are running internally.

This is a conditioning that will now reveal itself in TRUTH and in doing so will unveil that which pretends to walk with humanity.   We have long been conditioned to accept that "all is energy" but what is denied is that energy comes in various frequencies and bandwidths. So whilst it is TRUTH to state "all is energy" is but half way to the wider picture.  It is like unveiling the corner of a photograph that shows someones foot and stating that it is a person who is in the picture without unveiling the entire photograph.

The entire picture IS being revealed and as it reveals many within humanity will simply move into denial mode. Why? because in order to view something in TRUTH we have to accept and in the acceptance comes the responsibility.   So when we deal with emotional debris we have to first of all accept that the hurt is present, that there is emotional debris, then we have to accept that we are responsible for KEEPING HOLD OF IT and USING IT TO FUEL OUR HUMAN LIFE EXPERIENCE.

For many within humanity this is simply not a step that they want to take. Whilst they can accept there is emotional residue present they seek to place the responsibility for it at the feet of those who were part of the creation of it.  This hides the key and hides the healing that can be achieved.  Healing involves the acceptance in order to release, without the understanding of how it has impacted on the human life experience itself it remains a wound.

Let us use an example to help. Imagine that you have been involved in an angry dispute with a relative. There were a lot of harsh words used and a lot of hurt was created by the dialogue between you.  You get angry and you decide that you are not going to interact with the relative(s) any longer.  Now one way of conditioned behavior is to simply ignore the relative(s). To build a life experience that excludes them.  Another conditioned behavior is to place the emotional distress experienced at the feet of the relative(s).  That which is hidden in this example is the emotional debris that is actually created. The separation that remains unresolved.  For the emotional debris to have been created ALL involved in the dialogue have to be in denial and to abdicate responsibility for the dialogue. In order to heal from this only YOU have to accept your part in the dialogue and in accepting release it.  It does not depend on the actions of the other participants as to whether healing occurs.   The behaviors that are borne OUT of the debris will dissolve when the emotional debris is handed over and released.  This will see a resolution occur that cannot be seen by any of those involved in the dialogue until healing begins.

This of course is not readily accepted by the human logical mind which seeks to keep the acceptance at a distance because the behaviors that were born from said emotional debris are the reference points used to validate the behavior, The human logical mind NEEDS them in order to continue the behavior.  Thus we are at war with our human logical mind at all times when we go to heal emotional wounds.  Our human logical mind is not our ally and it may take some time before it steps down which is why we always go deep into our heart space.

It is our heart where the healing starts and it is the human logical mind where the understanding is eventually birthed but it all starts within the deep heart space. To attempt to do this the other way around results in a war of reference points and mass confusion, in many instances it deepens the wounds and creates even further emotional debris as the human logical mind goes to war at various levels of this our human life experience.

At this time the final veils are being lifted from our eyes. We are being shown the deepest of wounds that exist ANCESTRALLY within our birth families and we are shown this in order that we can go deep within our heart space and release the emotional debris.  As we do this ancestral patterns are dissolved and the healing ripples out across the dimensional spaces that have held the separation and division.

We are asked to have deep compassion for ourselves and indeed humanity in general as we reach the zero point and begin to understand that patient zero in the emotional debris pandemic is ourselves. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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