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Exhale TRUTH

We must always remember that breathing is an ACTIVE action, we do not simply breathe in LOVE and then not exhale. Breathing is in and out, it becomes a living action when we do BOTH. At this time many are gulping in air in an effort to remain alive not realizing that they must EXHALE TRUTH as they BREATHE in LOVE. It is LOVE that is TRUTH and when we ACTIVELY breathe then all that is non TRUTH simply begins to dissolve.

The challenge that sits before the Children of ORION at this time is the dissolving of non TRUTH. In this our human physical form we are conditioned to REFERENCE those around us, we place them unconsciously into those who are closest to us, those who are further away etc. We do this in all areas of our human life experience and it is in this conditioning that is the sting that the Old Earth Matrix is about to activate. When we pin our emotional landscape on to the world as it is reflected back to us we are blind. It is this picture that the Old Earth Matrix seeks to manipulate us with.

If we BELIEVE that somehow taking action will see us lose friendships or personal relationships that have deep meaning then we will attempt to defer said action. What is not seen by our human logical mind and our eyes is what happens if we do nothing. This is the sting that is now activating at this time. The Old Earth Matrix RELIES on the emotional barbed wire it has wound those around us in and it relies on us defaulting to it.

WE ARE at a pivotal junction in this our human life experience. Much like soldiers who are at war we will be faced with junctions that contain TRUTH and non TRUTH. Again like soldiers we will feel like we have to allow someone else to make the decision for us UNLESS there is a personal component to it. Say we are in a group of soldiers and we know that we need to go get help in order that the entire group can move forward. If we fall to the belief that the entire group has to take the same action we will default to the one in the group that we believe has the most power. Now take that scenario and replace "group" with family, replace soldier with relatives. Now we can see what is asked of us.

When Christ went to the Cross the disciples went all out to prevent him. Indeed Satan himself was working overtime to try to prevent Him going to said Cross. To the disciples he was making a decision that made no sense. How can the ONE who was sent by YHWY end up dead, logic dictates that this makes no sense. So they went in to their human emotional landscape and tried to work it out from there. THIS IS WHERE THE STING was. Had Christ not gone to the Cross then nothing would have changed for humanity at any level in TRUTH. Darkness would have succeeded in keeping this dimensional space closed down. But HE DID.

It was only now some 2000 linear human years later that we can understand why he took the action He KNEW had to be taken.

WE stand on the same emotional ground, surrounded by those who simply do not understand our movement because they see from a human emotional level, they believe that this world is real and that this is all that there is. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH.

LIGHT has already WON we are but walking thru this to have the human life experience of this VICTORY. Those who now walk away from what humanity believe is the answer do not do so in order to somehow abandon the human race, they do so because in walking they reveal to the human race the PATH THAT IS HIDDEN to them.



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