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EXITING a 4D space to enter ETERNITY in TRUTH

For those who are now awakening to new levels the new MATRIX Resurrection film stands as a validation to that which can be seen by those who came here from Wider Creation in TRUTH. How this dimensional space uses the concepts of "time", "memory" and "emotion" against a race that is simply trapped in their own human logic and reason. The way out is in but the door way is narrow and is found ONLY in the deep heart space.

At this time we are asked to allow for the purging of our memory banks, in order that we can now understand that the memories are of the AI and not of humanity. That the humanness is self created from within a construct that seeks to understand in order simply to harvest from a race that it can never hold.

TRUTH comes in ONE FLAVOR, in ONE frequency and is now poised to FLOOD thru humanity in order that a RE GENESIS can now occur. The time for REVELATION is OVER.



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