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As we now begin to understand the depth of the CIRCUS that we have been encouraged to perform within then we are prepared to walk to the edge and to EXIT said CIRCUS. Like all theme parks there will be signs to encourage us to try something else before we leave, we will have those who are closest to us who attempt to have us go on rides with them "just one more time" in order that our attention is once more taken.

The CIRCUS covers all levels of the human life experience and is hidden in plain view within human language. Do you try to balance your human life experience? - you may be on a uni-cycle, do you try to juggle life's demands? then perhaps you are in the big tent with the jugglers. Do you find that comedy helps you cope with life? then perhaps you are currently playing with the clowns. All of this is hidden to the human naked eyes but is now being revealed thru our SPIRIT in TRUTH.

WE ARE asked to remain still as we are shown the steps to take in order to walk SILENTLY past those who are still entranced with the displays that are being presented at this time. We require to remain silent for those who are paying to go on the rides in this CIRCUS/Theme park have paid a very high price and they want to get their full moneys' worth. They will try to prevent us from leaving because in their eyes this is what they paid for, why would you leave when you paid to enter?

So how did we get in this CIRCUS to begin with, well humanity are born into the CIRCUS, the skills that are required indeed demanded by said CIRCUS are taught from birth. Teachings in relation to how to be a performer are given to the child from birth. Then certain skill sets will be rewarded with other skill sets punished. For the CIRCUS is laid out in different skill sets and humanity are conditioned to remain within each skill set for the time of that incarnation.

The walk that those who have birthed into humanity from Wider Creation has permitted is for these skill sets to be illuminated in order they can be dissolved fully. The skills sets we require in TRUTH are completely different and both skill sets (that is the CIRCUS skill set and TRUTH) will compete with one another. This sees many try to default fully to humanity, attempting to ignore their Creation Purpose in TRUTH trying to blend in with those closest to them. The frustration that this builds is down to opposing frequency bandwidths that then bounce off one another.

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" because TRUTH JUST IS. When we surrender to TRUTH all else falls away because it is no longer competing with the frequency of TRUTH. It is the conditioning within the CIRCUS that has the frequencies denied and the attempted blending of them with TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS, when permitted to flow fully it dissolves all that is non TRUTH. This appears to be relatively simple but in human terms it often creates a conflict as we have known only the performance and never reached the understanding of the entire point of the performance.

At this time we are asked to surrender fully within our heart space and to ACCEPT that there is another path that we must now walk. Denial is a tool of darkness and has many in limbo for without our acceptance of who WE ARE in TRUTH then we cannot leave the CIRCUS because we will be drawn back into the big tent by those sent to distract us.

SILENCE is GOLDEN, it creates a space within which we can communicate with those who sit beyond the CIRCUS and this dimensional space referenced as "earth". We may have taken human form but that does not mean that we are defenseless or indeed that we are lost. We did not come here to this race, to this dimensional space to sit and eat popcorn whilst watching the performance. That would be cruel and against Wider Creation in TRUTH protocol. We came here to leave the CIRCUS to reveal to those within it that there is life beyond it, for the CIRCUS teaches everyone within it that the only way out is to death and that death is the end. Death is the edge of the CIRCUS ground but beyond it lies TRUTH which is why it is so heavily defended.

For those who are now preparing to journey beyond the CIRCUS, TRUTH in relation to "death" is now being downloaded in preparation for the physical walk thru the valley of DEATH and beyond.



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