WE ARE now placed to understand the various sacrifice rituals of the dimensional space

referenced as “earth” in order that we step OUT of them. It is always a challenge to do this

because this dimensional space has blinded humanity. WE ARE NOT IN SERVICE TO

HUMANITY and this will be placed at our feet repeatedly.

Where we have been placed as “human sacrifice” to family lineage this will be highlighted to

us in order that we then work thru and with Christ in order to remove the sacrifice itself. It is

vital that we TRUST Christ and surrender fully for the demons that attend to family lineage

have blinded us at human physical waking level. We will have moved into positions that feed

the family lineage demons thru the emotional debris that have been placed upon us.

The easiest way to understand this is thru the biblical reference points that are found in the

old testament. Pre Christ all tribes would line up sacrificial ritual in order to “pay for their

sins”. As there was no sin sacrifice that freed anyone during this time period the ways of the

tribes were passed down thru generations. So within generational patterns we will find the

various “roles” that our relatives found themselves within. These roles are ACTIVE within our

RNA and must be dissolved thru the Blood of Christ.

Those around us are oblivious to this at a waking human physical level. The blindness occurs

because we are brought up in family patterning. If for example our parents taught us to

sacrifice ourselves for our children then we will not see how this is actually a sacrifice. We will

in this example simply filter out all other ways of living. We will be surrounded by other family members and families that SHARE the frequency of this pattern.

This is being played out very strongly at this time in order that we can be triggered and go

within our heart space to be shown. It matters not that our family lineage has nothing to do

with religion per se because history is written to hide it. So many of us will have pre Christian

roots that are blasphemous but are hidden because the last few generations may have

become Christian. Or we may believe that our family has no JEWISH roots and dismiss

religion altogether.

The bible is a living breathing space and is hidden in plain view because we no longer live in

the hills nor in visible tribes. Looking at human language we see this when we understand

that the false teachings of “find your tribe for your vibe” that is prevalent within most new age doctrines. It is also found in wider humanity as well. As we are blinded to the actual

SPIRITUAL COST of these tribes and their customs we are open to the distorted frequency

that this creates.

Holding Christ on a Cross is symbolic of the HUMAN SACRIFICE that this dimensional space

demands and yet many hold to said Cross. Christ went to the CROSS AND BEYOND. We are

now asked to do the same. Christ was not a sacrifice albeit he was used as one because

those who sacrificed Him did not understand what they were doing when they did this.

Now take this wider and look at the modern day “gods” that walk this dimensional space, we have media, we have technology, we have drink, we have drugs, we have sex, there are too many to mention but behind EVERY part of the human life experience is a sacrifice that keeps the SIN IN PLACE.

We have to be VERY CAREFUL when we talk of SIN and SACRIFICE because it is not as

black and white as it first appears. You may be reading this and think okay but I dont drink to

excess and I dont do drugs and I lead a healthy life. That is not the point, the point is that

there is a hidden stronghold holding the ROOT of our family lineage to a sacrifice. So if we

look more deeply we may find themes running within our family lineage. Do you have a family lineage of cancer? Do you have a family lineage of alcoholism? Do you have a family linage of tragedy with say the males dying at a young age?

All of the above we may have put down to the human life itself but it is not. It holds the key to the FABRIC that we have been sewn into. In order to exit the Old Earth Matrix we have to

removed from the pattern because it is non TRUTH. SIN = NON TRUTH. It does not make

us a bad person, that is a false reference point that keep many blind. It is non TRUTH

therefore it is SINFUL because WE ARE here to live TRUTH.


The human mind only knows that which it has physically experienced, nothing else, it is our

heart space that recognizes and leads us towards TRUTH however our human logical mind

will slam on the breaks and deny it. At this time the denial of humanity is the strongest it has

ever been and ever will be. They are in denial of the surrender to the old gods that they

simply deny and in denying strengthen. Those who are now turning on one another are of

the opinion that somehow those around them are responsible for their choices. Nothing is

further from TRUTH, however if these choices are hidden to them it is not our responsibility to enlighten them. Indeed this is a perilous at many levels times for the Children of Wider

Creation in TRUTH.

Many of you will want to scream from the rooftops and highlight what is going on but in doing so you will leave yourself open to the demons that walk within your family lineage. Much like being at war, we are within the enemy camps, we are sleeper cells that are noting and reporting back to Wider Creation in TRUTH. WE ARE PLACED DELIBERATELY to take down the various strongholds and to move forward as we take the enemy down. We personally do not take the enemy down, CHRIST and HEAVEN clear the path beneath our feet and around us but we need to remain silent now. We are waking silently as humanity are sleeping, we are leaving the tribes, the camps and we are now moving beyond. Just like in war if we are found we will be pilloried in an attempt to stop others from trying to leave the dimensional space referenced as “earth”.

Therefore HEAVEN surrounds us with angelics who are placed to guide us at a human

physical waking level. We will find conversations with certain people will be closed down to

protect us and we will find angelics coming to us in physical human form with words of

comfort and frequency that permits us to walk UNSEEN thru the herd.

I cannot underline silence enough at this time. The social media platforms are a battleground deliberately triggering and if we find ourselves interacting with this we will find ourselves opposed by HEAVEN itself.

WE ARE covered by the BLOOD of CHRIST therefore nothing can touch us but it can cut us,

it can inflict pain on us and it can make us doubt ourselves. Our closest family members will

attempt to wear us down and many can accept this at this time. The war of “mask or no

mask”, “vaccine or no vaccine” is an attempt to draw out the Children of Wider Creation and

have them expose themselves. This is not about a vaccine or even a virus, it is psychological

warfare because humanity are forced to live only from their human logical mind.


standing at the graveside of the Old Earth Matrix. We are laying it to rest and in doing so we

are beginning a new life, free from the confines of said Old Earth Matrix. Be wary of the

WAKE for they are the ones who are trying to celebrate the ways of the Old Earth Matrix

drawing on past memory and getting drunk on the frequency as they do so. We do not

celebrate the passing of the Old Earth Matrix, we simply and respectfully walk away from the

grave side and exit the cemetary. LIFE IN TRUTH IS BEYOND THE CEMETARY GATES.

The walk to the gates is that which we now begin, quietly, respectfully and fully covered by the WINGS OF HEAVEN IN TRUTH.


(c) Karen Doona, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com

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