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Exiting the "highway" to reach the FREE WAY in TRUTH

We are spirit incarnate into a physical human vehicle and as such we drive along roads and experience journeys that have to date be "SOULly" determined by the frequency of that which was overlaid upon us upon incarnation into physical human form. Without a SOUL overlay this dimensional space would be very very obvious to us indeed. Without a SOUL overlay we would simply reject this space and this has to be understood to levels that take us beyond our own limited human mind.

We navigate the "high" ways in different ways, some fuel the journey with health, some fuel the journey with work, others fuel the journey with addiction but all journeys with the SOUL at the wheel are to destinations where reaping takes place.  The high ways are policed by darkness which prevents us from exiting the highways and often forces us upon new highways when we have experienced certain accepted traumatic life events.  Thus we are forever searching, going round in various circulation motions without ever taking a new road because at a frequency level we are tied to the highways of the old earth construct/matrix itself.

So how do we leave the high way and begin driving on the FREE WAY.  Well the first thing that we have to allow is the driver to change because the SOUL itself only knows the high way, indeed the SOUL is very conversant with the high ways, upon attempting to deviate from any high way that is driven by the SOUL the SOUL will re route and recalculate the journey, it will never deviate from the destination which is always pain, separation, trauma and death.

Unlike the SOUL the Spirit is permitted to drive on FREE WAYS because its navigation point is TRUTH, this allows it to bypass the check points and the policing that darkness enforces along the highways. It is CHRIST HIMSELF who often takes the wheel when we approach an exit that is heavily policed. Darkness cannot refuse CHRIST because HE secured Victory and in doing so carries a frequency pass that allows Him to drive where others are stopped and turned back.

As we begin to navigate the new roads that appear for us they begin to narrow, that which starts off as perhaps a 6 lane free way becomes a 5 lane, then tapers down to become a ONE LANE FREEWAY and this is done in order that we can practice the navigation that we begin to understand when we have left the exit point and begin to drive on new roads.  These roads often initially run parallel to the high way that we have just left, giving us a viewpoint that we could not have reached in any other way, it is from this parallel free way that we begin to take IN ROADS that are always leading us to TRUTH and are always leading us away from the SOUL and the high ways that humanity are kept tightly within.

At this time many within the expansion in TRUTH process (often referenced as Ascension) are now being asked to take the exit route which narrows the FREE WAY down to ONE lane.  This is the most challenging of all the exit routes as it has a very narrow exit point and can only ever be navigated fully through when all that has accompanied us in the old life that we are leaving has been dissolved. It is not possible to drive the ONE LANE FREE WAY with any luggage. Indeed the vehicle in which we drive the lanes changes as we change.  The vehicle becomes streamlined, many vehicles which drive on the main high ways within the old earth construct/matrix are massive vehicles, with many invisible to the naked human eye passengers who seek to divert, to stop and to control the vehicle itself. These are ejected en route to the exit point and the ejection continues as we drive the FREE WAYS that begin to narrow.

When we reach the exit point to the ONE LANE FREE WAY we will be down to one or two extra passengers but these are not the invisible people passengers of the high way, these are behaviors and beliefs that simply do not align with TRUTH and which have to be ejected to allow for passing through of the narrow exit point.  This exit point will come round again and again until we can reach the level of understanding that allows us to stop the vehicle, eject the passenger and then drive confidently to the exit point.  TRUTH GUARDS THE EXIT POINT and it is the frequency of our vehicle that determines entry nothing else. We cannot hide from TRUTH, we can deny it, we can attempt to alter it but we cannot hide from it and this will be revealed to us as we are briefed and given feedback at this level to help us reach the understanding that sees us align fully with TRUTH in order to gain access to the ONE LANE FREE WAY.

At this time we are asked to remain surrendered fully IN Christ as these belief and behavior passengers are part of the very foundation of the old earth construct and as such are accepted and DEFENDED by humanity in general.  They have never been questioned, only accepted due to the heavy duty conditioning that has seen humanity deny itself expansion and deny itself its own evolution. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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