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Expanding beyond the MATRIX Cycles in TRUTH

As we begin to anchor more fully into the human physical vehicle, our SPIRIT will now begin to move and to shift that which has kept us held tightly on to the Old Earth Matrix cycles. The frequency bandwidths that have produced that which the Old Earth Matrix demands that humanity produce - energy.

For many at this time the word "energy" may seem like a far distant need, the draining that has been gone thru has left a sort of "fog" that has permitted us to move rapidly as those around us have simply ignored us and carried on with their rote and ritual in respect of producing said "energy" for the Old Earth Matrix.

In every war (and we are in a spiritual war) there is a strategy that wins said war, our strategist is our SPIRIT in TRUTH. It has spent a long time digesting and understanding the obstacles that have been placed around us, within us and against us and has moved us accordingly. Whilst at a human everyday waking physical level it has made little sense to us at times the need for rest or for sleep or for movement, it has allowed our SPIRIT in TRUTH to gain a hold and to WIN THE WAR FOR US.

Now we are faced with a clean, blank slate and this is unsettling for many at this time. Within the Old Earth Matrix this is filled in with the needs of the Matrix to create more cycles of "energy" production that work FOR THE MATRIX and against the humans who are within the cycles. We are asked at this time to allow our SPIRIT in TRUTH to speak with us and it will do so in a variety of ways.

Do not allow those around you at this time full of well meaning words and little else to hijack the blank page. TRUTH JUST IS and you cannot stray from TRUTH, the SPIRIT that has anchored deep inside your heart space IS TRUTH and it is this magnetic pull that will now lead you beyond the Old Earth Matrix and its cycles of "energy" production.

We are not here to fuel an engine that is against the very laws of Creation itself, we are not here to somehow fit in and blend into the background because in TRUTH there is no background. The Old Earth Matrix is now crumbling, like the mighty Romans it has now gone beyond where it can go and this will become very very obvious to us very soon indeed.

The fear that many of you have allowed to bloom will now wither and die because the frequency bandwidth of TRUTH does not include fear. The residue is now being washed clean from our deep heart space and this may involve actual physical tears as the FINAL veil is ripped from our eyes and we are given the opportunity to really see that which we were born into in this our human physical form.



(c) Karen Doonan

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