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Expanding beyond the PERCEIVED horizon in TRUTH

As we now enter a new frequency bandwidth we are asked to allow our eyes to adjust to the new view. This may take some linear time as we have never entered this space prior to this. So what we have previously seen as the edge of the picture now may become the center of the picture and as we work with this it will reveal itself to us hugely.

The conditioning that has been in place has been questioned and dissolved at all steps in this process so whilst we may feel RESIDUAL fear that arises when we realize we are no longer in the same space this will dissipate. Always the Archangels and the realms that exist around us have sought to have us find balance at all moments of all moments. Conditioning seeks to set limitations in the false teaching that there is "safety" in knowing where the edges of the picture are and how they will be maintained. It is simply not possible for a race to expand and to explore if they remain tightly within the perceived confines that the human mind will try to enforce, therefore we are given the movement and then asked to allow it to reveal itself.

Any fear that arises will be highlighted by said realms and we go deep into the heart space to remove the belief system frequencies that try to teach us that something is "impossible" or "challenging to reach". We are far more expansive than the old earth matrix allows us to perceive. As we break down the barriers (which are always frequency bandwidths) then a flood of understanding and a path always reveals itself.

If you are at this time standing staring at what is presented as a brick wall then the old earth matrix is attempting to halt your expansion thru enforcing a deeply held (usually at the unconscious mind level) belief system and it is said belief system that has to be dissolved.

We now navigate into spaces that are highly expansive, deeply supportive and immensely peaceful.



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