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We stand on the threshold of the understanding that will now reveal to us the very foundation of the Old Earth Matrix. It is not possible to fully detach from the conditioning until we reach the base of said conditioning.  View this akin to reaching the foundation of a house and realizing it was not made from that which it APPEARS it is made from.  Without an understanding of that which the foundation is made from it cannot be removed safely and expediently.

At this time we are being taken thru a very deep process that allows us not only to reveal that which is holding us to a false reality but that which said false reality IS IN TRUTH.   It is the understanding that births within us as we go thru this process that places our entire human life experience, indeed the entire human race themselves in a context of TRUTH.  Once we have established this deep understanding within us it is then more appropriate for us to then take the next steps. We are NEVER pushed beyond where we can understand because that would leave us open to manipulation by that which walks unseen by the naked human eyes within humanity and within the dimensional space that is termed "earth".

It is vital at this time that we step back from the prodding that is occurring within the New Age Movement, a movement that has been hijacked and been rewritten by many who are simply fallen ones taking human form.  Their form can only ever be seen thru the spiritual eyes of our SPIRIT in TRUTH but this ability to see in TRUTH is that which is forming within us.  We are OPENING TO TRUTH at the deepest level which allows us to have what is often termed in Wider Creation in TRUTH "night vision".   To give a very clear example of this we can view it akin to soldiers who go out on night patrol. Their naked human eyes cannot penetrate the darkness so they use "night vision", with this in use they can see that which their naked human eyes cannot see as they use a different light spectrum.   WE ARE BEING GIFTED THIS SPIRITUALLY AT THIS TIME.

This allows us to make movement within the darkest places and be unseen by that which guards said darkest places.   We are soldiers in a war that has raged for ever and now this war is won physically. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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