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Expanding the Frequency of LIGHT in TRUTH

As we now prepare to see the end of a linear time frame we are also preparing for the SHIFT that will occur as we move from one frequency to another. The entire lockdown of a race for almost a year has seen said race begin to reveal the trauma that they have long denied within themselves. As we now approach the final bend in the road we must be prepared for the denial to spill into anger.

Anger of course is part of the grief process that humanity are kept tightly locked into and the lockdown has sought to increase the despair to the point of saturation. In the previous blog (emptying the silo) it was explained the reason for the Children of ORION to empty their human physical vessel of all stored emotional debris. We are still working thru this and as the days now approach the turn of the linear year we are guided to keep working to reach the pivot point where our frequency then EXPANDS dramatically thru the full release of said emotional debris.

ALL race and realms stand ready to support their children incarnate into humanity as we now turn from that which has enslaved this race to our Creation in TRUTH purpose. Whilst it has been educational to digest the level of depravity that humanity have been exposed to it serves little purpose to keep viewing as that is NOT our Creation in TRUTH purpose, WE ARE here to anchor the LIGHT of TRUTH and to shift frequency in order the Old Earth Matrix fully disintegrates. WE ARE on the cusp of this being achieved and the linear time lag for want of a better human phrase is due to the density of this dimensional space.

As we now move out of said density the messages will be clearer, our Creation in TRUTH purpose shines like the lighthouse warning the ships of the jagged rocks and the peril as they approach. WE ARE FOREWARNED therefore we are ready and we must now surrender to ALL. It is ALL who have supported us as we have walked the dimensional timelines, done the clearing, released the bondage and have reached this point in TRUTH.

WE now pause and allow for some reflection as we stand atop the frequency bandwidth that we have climbed. It is not TRUTH for us to descend therefore we will be opposed if we attempt to take a step back. We may not be able to see the way forward beyond the next step but the next step is all that is asked of us.



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