EXpanding the heart space, allowing ANGELS to tread LIGHTLY in TRUTH

As with all healing pathways the actual journey to enter the pathway is other than we expect it to be. We have been conditioned to believe that healing has a certain pathway and that to enter it we must do X or Y. This does not hold for the next stage of our evolution process in TRUTH. We are moved into the pathways thru the GRACE of Creator thru Christ and we will know when we enter because it will be obvious.

Angel feathers, pennies, phrases will all begin to illuminate which ANGELIC ENERGY is at work and we are asked to simply submit to the pathway. If we try to walk from it or worse attempt to view it before we take another step then we will get a huge push to make movement. Remember troops a journey of a thousand miles starts with ONE STEP and that step is all we require to take, the rest of the route is what we travel. It is non TRUTH to assume that we have to be in charge of the entire journey or that we even plan the travel route!

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