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As we now begin to anchor into the physical realm that which has been denied access thru the lower dimensional exclusion zones within the human physical vehicle we are asked to allow the understanding to spiral out from the deep heart space.

The entire process of evolution which we are now moving rapidly towards is found within the deep heart space and is not found within the human logical mind. Indeed the human logical mind has worked as a gate keeper to that which exists beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth". Many in human physical form rely SOULLY on their human eyes, if they cannot see something then they will instantly dismiss it. As we see only a fraction of what is actually around us this is like being able to see the corner of a page and dismissing said corner as an optical illusion. Without understanding that the corner is the EDGE of the page then that which is on said page will forever remain a mystery.

Humanity has been conditioned to apply logic and reason to every part of the human life experience, indeed they have been conditioned to find SECURITY in logic and reason and as they have permitted this conditioning they have created their own CELLS within their human physical vehicle.

As one who has had many and varied experiences that others will simply state cannot exist I can testify to the strength of the cell that we in our human physical form create. Just because we believe something does not make it TRUTH, TRUTH sits just beyond the horizon but many will never walk towards the horizon because logic and reason dictate that there is nothing to be found there. Sound familiar?

We are at this time beginning to understand the vastness of that which we are FROM, not from that which we are within, for we are within a very small space that has deliberately locked down its inhabitants. A bird that has been kept in a cage its entire life within a room even with a window in said room remains caged until the actual cage door is open. Even then the bird may choose to remain fluttering about the room that the cage was in and never go beyond the window.

We are asked now to allow the window to open and to fly thru it. Those who are at this time gathering are not there to see us off, they are there to persuade us that there is nothing beyond the window frame, that it is an illusion. This is what we are asked to shut down, to allow TRUTH to reveal itself to us and to understand that only we personally are having the human life experience that we are having. WE DO NOT REQUIRE THE PERMISSION OF HUMANITY TO LIVE TRUTH.

Many within the human race do not want to disturb TRUTH because it will take down the walls that they have been conditioned to build and live within. They believe that without these walls there will be even more pain and suffering, not able to understand that the pain and suffering is WITHIN the walls they have built. So they tiptoe around TRUTH in the hope of keeping what they have built intact.

We must now understand that we are not here to blast down the walls of humanity, we are here to blast thru the walls that we are within in this our human physical form. By releasing our SPIRIT in TRUTH fully to interact with the physical plane of existence we open the window and from there we fly.



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