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WE ARE asked at this time to LET GO; it matters not that we do not fully understand exactly what it is that we require to let go of. If the angel who steps forward indicates for us to let go of what is in our hands WE ARE asked to comply.

Often in this our human physical form we hold on to that which we were TAUGHT to hold on tightly to and this works against us. How can we walk thru the doorway that AA Jophiel is standing guarding if we are also trying to take all of our previous human life experience with us? We cannot take anything that has passed, it is this simple. HOWEVER, our human logical mind will go into meltdown, it will say, okay so what do we take and try to make some sort of list. It is not so much about things as it is about FREQUENCY, so it's the FREQUENCY of our experience that is no longer aligned.

Let me give you an example of this physically. Within the past few days, I went out to do some shopping, as usual with the skulls involved why I actually went into a store was not the full reason for me being there, I was lulled into a visit but when I got there I began to understand why. In my human life experience and certainly in my ancestral lineage there is an unwritten (but often voiced by certain relatives) rule of "you have made your bed, now you have to lie in it". I have never fully understood the phrase, but it has been used in the past. So, I go to the store and know that when I am in there, I have to purchase bedding. This bedding was partly for my son and partly for me. I ended up swapping out a KING SIZE duvet for a double, swapping out pillows from one brand to another and changing a BED SPREAD completely. Whilst I was actively making these changes, that is actually making the bed I was aware of the movement of INTENSE energy that was going on! So simple and yet I was physically manifesting the NEW HIGHER FREQUENCY, hence the colors changed, and the material used in the bedding altered.

This is just ONE example of how we shift frequency. MAKE UP has also shifted for me over the past 24 hours with brands and colors ALSO SHIFTING. FREQUENCY MANIFESTS IN THE PHYSICAL REALM. In order to move in frequency, we have to let go of frequency as it is. Often this little step becomes a MASSIVE LEAP, and the angels are always there to aid us in LIFTING US ACROSS ANY GAPS IN PERCEIVED frequency.

We will be STOPPED in our tracks if we attempt to use our human will as this is flawed, it is flawed because it presents to us an assumed choice. To illustrate this let me give you the choice in the example of eating a slice of pie. Now the example is a pie (yes sacred geometry). Do you want to have you slice of pie hot or cold? or do you wish to have the pie with ice cream or without? It looks for all the world like you have free will in what is being offered doesn't it? What we do not see in it is the pie itself, at no point are you choosing not to have the pie only what way you are eating it.

So in the outer waking reality is a similar choice that is being offered and the conditioning that we have gone thru in this our human physical form is giving us a similar choice but if we surrender to Christ and allow the Angels to help us, we will be able to move past the pie completely! we will not be going round in circles that are simply having us choose pie over and over again.

This very simple illustration hopefully helps at this time. The actual choice is already made, we made it before we entered the human physical vehicle, like my making the beds in the sharing of my experience I have thru the act of the physical been able to understand what I have let go and what I am now working with more clearly.


Karen x

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