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We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to accept the illusion of time in all its variations.  For many the idea that time is not linear is so far fetched an idea that they simply hold on more tightly to the illusion that is presented through the old earth construct/matrix itself.

Time in TRUTH is not linear, this does not equate to linear time not being present.  The old earth construct/matrix uses distorted sacred geometry to bend and to misshape that which exists.  It does this through the lens of distortion, we are never more blind than when we experience emotional distress and this is the foundation stone of the old earth construct/matrix itself.  The more that humanity are kept in emotional distress (at any level) the more that the outer waking reality can be presented other than it is.

This may seem very obvious but it is highly controlled.  Take for example when we feel anger, what do we do thru the lens of anger that had we been emotionally more stable we simply would not have done?  Then take this and add more emotional distress caused by the behavior and/or decisions made thru the lens of anger and soon the picture becomes a blur.   Then add to this the illusion of linear time and we get humanity fully believing that they cannot change that which they have experienced so are somehow stuck in the emotional distress and cannot get out so they ADAPT to it instead as a way of survival.

This is hidden in plain view but is being removed by those who are now within the expansion in TRUTH process for it is only thru GODS GRACE that we are able to not only step towards the false reflection but can see THRU IT FULLY in order that they are able to dissolve the emotional distress that PROTECTS the false picture.  This walking THRU THE LOOKING GLASS is available to all who wish to exit the old earth construct/matrix and who have surrendered fully IN CHRIST.

The construct of religion (both new age and more traditional) will keep the seeker at the mirror, many are in so much emotional distress they will do anything not to look in the mirror for they do not like that which is reflected.  We are not asked to accept that which looks back at us but to accept that we have held on to said reflection, we have allowed it to be placed around us like a veil and in doing so it has held us captive and blind.

There is nothing that cannot be healed in TRUTH but when we walk in denial we refuse the healing itself.  Many within humanity wish to heal but refuse to allow the changes that happen when healing in TRUTH unfolds. We cannot pick and choose for ALL within the old earth construct/matrix is by design. We cannot therefore choose to stay in the parts of the old earth construct/matrix we assume do not affect us and then remove the parts that do because in TRUTH ALL OF IT AFFECTS ALL.  It is simply hidden in plain view.

Now the looking glass is presented but this looking glass is not simply a reflection in the hall of mirrors that many are trapped within at this time, this looking glass is placed at the very exit of the old earth construct/matrix itself.  For those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process you will not recognize the reflection because it is a SPIRITUAL reflection and requires to be accepted and walked through in order that the gate that sits BEHIND the mirror can be reached. It is from beyond the LOOKING GLASS that we exit the old earth construct/matrix in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain in full surrender IN Christ for we may have to approach said mirror more than once to fully achieve the understanding that we require to anchor prior to entering that which lies beyond. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan For further information, guidance and support tools and further in depth explanation of the process that many within humanity are now undergoing please see the main Releasing Eden Website. Karen is available for personal guidance and support please click here for further information.

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