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Expansion beyond PERCEIVED boundaries in TRUTH

As the outer waking reality begins to crumble and to dissolve that which has held said reality in place will begin to reveal itself in TRUTH. Far from the puppet holding "masters" that many within humanity have created out of logic and reason we will be shown that which is PERMITTED to hold us within the bondage that we have been subject to for we are not without power and authority.

It is a very subservient role to stand within to place the responsibility for that which is being lived at the feet of those around us, worse still to place the responsibility at the feet of some dark agenda that conveniently fits all the criteria for that which humanity simply deny within themselves.

That which is birthed into the outer waking reality exists within the emotional debris of humanity as a whole, it sits within human consciousness because it is STORED there.  All the massacres, all the killing, all the maiming, all the torture, all the pain and separation is collectively stored within human consciousness and remains there.  No amount of denial or separation from responsibility will clear this from said consciousness. No amount of trying to improve or expand human consciousness changes that which is already polluting it. So humanity simply hide that which has gone before them and deny that they are involved.

We are all involved because we are all born into human physical form. It is our individual responsibility to clear and clean that which we have interacted with from our own consciousness and this is done through opening the heart space. Forgiveness is the key, denying forgiveness is a key and responding with more judgment strengthens the pool of human consciousness and the stagnation continues.

Like a small child who has stolen a cookie from the cookie jar and stands in front of its elders who know that it has stolen said cookie. Many would simply deny the cookie and its existence, they would take the label off the jar and put another name on it. They might attempt to hide the jar or they may attempt to place the jar somewhere else.  Such is the denial that the CHILD holds on to internally and such is the power that this then manifests into the outer waking reality.

Whilst darkness reaps from the chaos, the separation, the pain and the trauma the field in which darkness plants its seeds has to comply.  Darkness cannot reap from a field of un-germinated seeds, no one can. The human logical mind is fertile soil because of the link to human consciousness as a collective.  It is a collective stagnation that is now addressed through the individual uncoupling from said pool of collective consciousness.

Darkness main weapon is through the human logical mind because once a seed is planted it is then watered, usually from other humans around who hold a certain belief or connection to the pool of human consciousness that supports the seed that is planted. We have been conditioned to be community gardeners and we must now hang up our gardening tools for that is not our role in this our human physical form.

It is our Creator YHWY who is the master gardener and who now begins to clear and to clean the garden that is our human logical mind.  The garden needs pruned and cleaned in order that it can only nurture and grow the fruit of the heart space.  Anything else is but a weed and will be ripped out.  Community gardening works the other way, in community gardening others take turns in the weeding and the planting. This sees the mind run through the ideas and concepts of those around us. In other words our thoughts and our ideas are not our own, others plant their seeds in our human logical mind. This leads to manipulation and hidden agendas bearing fruit as we allow that which is not TRUTH and simply manipulation to take root and to grow.

The coming linear few weeks and months are a time of reaping that is unlike anything else ever experienced by humanity as those who have planted begin to harvest. It is our own responsibility to detach from the community gardening and we do this through focusing on our heart space, that which grows within our heart is then understood by our human logical mind not the other way around.

This will see the outer waking reality begin to falter and to flicker, a bit like a tv screen that has a power drainage issue. It will flicker and for many who are able to work at this level it will go out. When there are NO other reflections to work with we will know that the time is correct for movement into the next phase of human evolution. For many this is called the 3 days of darkness.  It is a short time period where we cannot work out those around us and it drains the power from the community gardeners.  Many will attempt to work by re-plugging themselves into a dying matrix. This will not work either for TRUTH JUST IS.

We are asked now to step forward fully into our heart space and understand that we are not for sale, we have already been purchased fully through the process that we have undergone, that of surrender to our Creator YHWY through our surrender of our heart space to LOVE in TRUTH.

Only one frequency is permitted in wider creation and that is TRUTH, all else is a lie from which many within humanity will never recover for their entire existence depended on community gardening. They are now no longer required and will be removed fully from human memory.

In biblical terms this is the manifestation of Matthew 12: 39 - 40 (KJV)

But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:

For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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