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Expansion in Phase Two - Crystal Skulls

As we move from Phase One into Phase two we are asked to accept the role of the Crystal Skulls in the support of our both our understanding and our purpose in TRUTH. Having been introduced to crystal skulls when I trained with Kathleen Murray I remember first being introduced to them. I trained with Kathleen Murray believing at the time that I was simply following my curiosity with healing in response the passing of my mother. I was not prepared for that which unfolded and it soon became very obvious that the entire reason that I ended up training with Kathleen was that she was a skull caretaker and used skulls in her healing work.

I was not able to attend the first week with those who were also training so I was offered a different weekend with Kathleen on my own. On walking into her healing room, indeed her house I felt a connection that it took me a very long time to understand. I reconnected with the skulls immediately and when i left to go back to my home after that weekend life changed dramatically. I trained with Kathleen for a few years and in that time much shifted and expanded. I give thanks to Kathleen for her support and her wisdom and I know that albeit she is no longer physically with us she is still supporting the process from another dimensional space.

It was the skulls that revealed to me the High Council of Orion, it was the skulls that revealed to me the races that humanity are denied information and explanation about and it was the skulls that aided me in deepening my understanding of energy and frequency. They hold the space for us to walk thru in order to reach beyond this dimensional space. They hold the memories that we could not take thru into this human physical vehicle because we could not be born into this dimensional space already understanding as this dimensional space does not support the frequency that this would entail.

For those who have a pull to crystal skulls I would ask that you explore it. They are much, much more than has been written about them. Many are trying to use them as tools not understanding fully how the crystal skulls matrices have been infiltrated. Crystal skulls are now altering the frequencies that they hold, they are now working in unity with Wider Creation in TRUTH as they reveal to us WHO WE ARE in TRUTH in forms and connections that we then move into understanding of. They are a vital part of Phase Two of the full ascension to evolution process. We require the frequency support that they provide and they act almost as translators for Wider Creation in TRUTH which aid us in our understanding of that which we are required to work with and to release in this human physical form.

Work on the Orion Portal will now expand beyond what is commonly accepted in relation to crystal skulls and those who at this time are not permitted to enter the dimensional space referenced as "earth".

We are asked to remember and as we surrender deep within our heart space we will now reach beyond the veils and understand the vast picture that this dimensional space attempts to prohibit.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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