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Expansion in TRUTH

As the 144,000 now begin to awaken from a deep slumber that which has been prophesied will begin to form in the outer waking reality. Much has been prophesied about the 144,000 and the construct of religion has sought to persuade humanity that they only exist within a religious context. This is not TRUTH and has hidden much to humanity as a result.

We are now walking into a vast picture that many are beginning to glimpse and as they do so then they will begin to understand the life experience that they have endured thus far. The 144,000 has a very specific remit and are overseen by ORION themselves, they understand that they have a purpose that is beyond that which the Old Earth Matrix seeks to teach them. Indeed many of them have specifically been targeted repeatedly by the Old Earth Matrix with many of the 144,000 sitting in human family lineages that seek to make them the "black sheep". Non understanding of the purpose of the 144,000 sees humanity reject those who do not tow the line. They seem them as somehow "different" and will simply reject them for not aligning with that which is required to be aligned with within the family lineage.

This sees many 144,000 driven to accept a false reality, they begin to believe that somehow they will never fit in and that somehow they have "let down" those around them by not being able to adhere to subliminal family patterning. It is not possible for the 144,000 to submit to non TRUTH, they will have been prevented from fully aligning and fully surrendering to the deep conditioning at a base level, this sees them attempt to live a life that simply does not make sense to them and continually looking for that which they cannot vocalize. This deep yearning is found within the deep heart space and is the key note that has kept them safe from the Old Earth Matrix and from full assimilation into a race that fully believes that it is something that is not.

At this time the 144,000 are being given various symbols and wake up calls that help them understand that not fitting in was the GRACE bestowed upon them from Wider Creation in TRUTH. In order to understand a race that is in deep pain and suffering it was necessary to embed within them in order to experience and then understand. It is vital that the 144,000 do not confuse experience with TRUTH, just because they went thru the separation and trauma does not mean it was all that there is to experience. It was akin to training for in order to help a race at the levels required by Wider Creation in TRUTH it was necessary to go on to the battlefield and have the experience that humanity have as their life experience.

As such ORION understand that the 144,000 carry deep pain and frequency that now requires to be dissolved and frequency upgraded in order context can be achieved and clarity unfold. To this end a specific blog and transmissions directly focused to the 144,000 is now available on the main website.

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