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Expansion of Matrices to enable EXTRACTION to complete in TRUTH

We are now walking in the dimensional corridor that is akin to that which is shown in the matrix films as behind the matrix. The corridors that enable us to move between dimensional realities are now being walked by us spiritually. This is to allow us to achieve that which the old earth matrix denies is possible and this is to find the PIECES of the soul construct that have been hidden to us.  As we collect these fragments then we are able to dissolve the reality that said fragments have held in place.

This works to release us from the grip of the old earth matrix AT KEY POINTS in said matrix. As with all structures there are WEAK points, points that where spiritual clean up is achieved become almost translucent and allow us to see beyond. View it akin to looking at a double sided mirror except we can now see both sides at the same time, we see behind the mirror and how it protects and projects onto the mirror that we are looking it.  This is a huge task that 144,000 are now beginning to align with in order to clear the WEAK points and to provide the necessary vantage points ready for EXTRACTION.

As discussed on the Releasing Eden BRIDGE Blog site this is the point that we are moving towards as Wider Creation in TRUTH prepares for our extraction from the old earth matrix itself.  Further Bridge podcasts are being created at this time to help address various concerns and physical experiences that can and will occur as we interact with this movement.

The old earth matrix is near the point of collapse which is a spiritual place which is populated by all who hold soul constructs. This is why it has been necessary to release and FULLY REMOVE all soul constructs from the host human vehicles of those who are here to help in the transition into full evolution of the human race itself.  We cannot have a soul construct in place when the 144,000 begin the preparations to go across the bridge for the soul construct is the trip wire for the old earth matrix itself. For those who have watched the MATRIX Trilogy the reason that Agent Smith can find Neo in the first place is thru his human ness, once he bypasses this he is almost hidden to all but Agent Smith who has had to adapt TO humanness in order to reach Neo.

We are approaching ZERO point which is the collapse of all dimensional timelines that support the base soul construct patterning. This is part of prophecy and is alluded to in the END of TIMES prophecies that are currently resurfacing at this time. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan For those who are aligned with the 144,000 sealed ones please visit the Releasing Eden Bridge BLOG EXTENSION site by clicking here.

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