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Expansion thru elevation in TRUTH

WE ARE at this time moving more fully into the expansion process, this can at many times feel the very opposite to expansion as it may feel like "nothingness". The human logical mind interprets "space" often as "nothingness" and tries either to fill it in instantly or tries to teach that it is other than it is in TRUTH.

At moments of deep expansion we usually are asked to remain calm, to allow ourselves to BE in order that we can allow the expansion into frequencies that we have not experienced as of yet. This allows for new experiences, new people and a new way of experiencing the human life experience to be found. It finds us, we do not require to go off looking for it but the human logical mind does not accept this. So take for example a clearing out of some "stuff" that has been taking up space within your living area. You may spend some time getting rid of it or reorganising it so that the space has less clutter. At first you may feel that you have simply reshuffled the pack as it were, but if you remain in the CALM, the GRACE that is within the deep heart space that which is now able to come in (you have freed up space for it) will begin to appear.

Often we miss the appearance because we expect that which has been to re enter. Humanity are often entrenched in patterning, we take the experience of the past and then try to place it before us so that we have a variation on a theme. This is non TRUTH and is not supported, what we will find is that NEW, that is never before experienced experience begins to birth. This may further trigger the human logical mind which has been expecting more of the "same" and we may again have to remain still and go deep into the heart space in order to achieve balance.

Once we start working with these new energies the patterning and the need for validation of the new will begin to wane as we deepen our faith and trust in the process.


Karen x

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