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Exploring the depths of our emotional landscape from the safety of TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to accept fear, indeed not only accept it but to use it as a source for our entire human life experience.  "Feel the fear and do it anyway" is a long used phrase and one that perfectly hides that which is at work deep within us.  To feel fear is an indication that our garden requires weeding and it is vital that the weeding is done prior to the action if not we are further manipulated by ignoring the lens that fear places upon our outer waking reality.

It is long since been denied the state of humanity in relation to their emotional health.  We read reports daily in the media of traumatic accounts and issues, we read about mental health "solutions" but this is akin to allowing children to play with knives and then work out strategies of how to make the knives safer.   In order to address our own emotional well being we require to address what is already there, deal with it and then remove it.  We do not have to live within it.  This take action once the horse has bolted does a number of things not least it allows for the harvesting of the emotional reactions it was CREATED TO ACHIEVE.

Once we can accept that the world is not created to do anything other than harvest emotional reactions then we can address that which is within us but we can only do this from a place of TRUTH and in full surrender IN Christ.  If we are not surrendered then we face a barrage of emotional debris a bit like if we were on a space ship and we suddenly drifted into a meteor field.  It would be very unwise to just let the ship drive itself on auto pilot and keep our fingers crossed.  It is only with Christ in the driving seat that we can avoid the mines that our unconscious and sub conscious mind lays for us.

Many within humanity maintain that conscious thought is the way forward, that we need only practice being "mindful" and somehow we have solved our own anxiety and distress. This going back to the example first used is like putting on chain mail whilst still playing with the knives, yes the chain mail is gonna stop you getting cut by the knife but the instrument of destruction which is the knife is still being played with.

The human logical mind is not our friend at the best of times, it creates a reality that is devoid of a compass when it is separated from the heart space, it creates a fantasy that keeps us from navigating in TRUTH, it is the storyteller who continually lies to us but seeks to have us believe that it does not.   It is the defender of our heart space in that it keeps us from entering our heart space, a human life experience lived in the mind alone and devoid of a deep connection to said heart space is a life that is viewed, not lived. It can be argued (and the mind will argue repeatedly) that the world is under so much influence and chaos that we do not have time to go into our heart space. Many within humanity will seek to attack the heart space by placing it in some fluffy cloud, stating that being in the heart is all very well but they are actually taking physical action so somehow this is addressing something that sitting around being fluffy does not.  No one said that being in the deep heart space is fluffy, indeed it is an assumption that it is.

Being in the deep heart space is walking on splinters, it is walking often on egg shells that threaten to cut to the core but it is also the only space to find real shelter.  All action taken in the outer waking world done from a logic and reason context are manipulation.  For those who have watched the netflix documentary exploring the Cambridge Analytica scandal you will see that which is harvested and many will be able to see the ethical debate that is about to erupt.  Manipulation always takes place where it cannot be seen and the human eyes are so often fooled.  This blog has long underlined the greatest tool being used at this time, technology.  It is not the technology itself that is the threat, it is that which it triggers.

We are not fighting some invisible demon with scripture when we are walking in the outer waking world. Lucifer has created this mindscape to hide it.  We are interacting with darkness EACH AND EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY and we do so in ways that are breathtaking.  No choice is what humanity scream and yet the choice has always been there, will always be there because we can choose to be in our heart or not. When in our heart we can begin to sense when something is other than it is, but find a human being who is in their mind, unable to go into their heart because they are defaulting to the chaos and the injustice CREATED by the mind and you have the perfect specimen for manipulation.

By moving everything to virtual darkness created an opportunity that simply does not exist when humanity remains human.  When we are in our heart space and we interact at a human level with our fellow humans there is LESS room for assumption, less room for offence, less room for manipulation. But take this beyond the physical interactions and make it virtual and you can manipulate at deep hidden levels.

The root of all manipulation is emotional reaction.  Whether this is triggered online or in the waking physical world does not matter, the fact that it triggers is the ROOT of all manipulation. A human being who in their heart space, who has cleansed their emotional landscape and has forgiven and been forgiven is a harder target to manipulate because they do not have the blind spots that those who refuse to forgive and be forgiven do.

At this time we are being given every opportunity to let go of all that has held us in chains, our own sense of injustice in a world that was created to be unjust. A world created to harvest from the seeds of fear that are planted from before we take our first breath.  Once we see the sea that we sail upon we can take action to leave said sea and find dry land.  It is the dry land that we seek, a stable foundation from which we can build, until this point we are open to all, any and every storm that seeks to sink our vessel. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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