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Updated: May 19

We have been distilled into who WE ARE in TRUTH and now Wider Creation in TRUTH begins the next phase of the extraction process. It is our ESSENCE that is the drop that is placed back into the human race for this drop is added to the false ocean of GRIEF that the old earth has sought to keep contained and suppressed, allowing for the water within it to stagnate. As we ALL contain TRUTH which has been carefully distilled by Wider Creation in TRUTH this will begin to break thru the stagnant waters that humanity are trapped within and begin to see movement.

It has been necessary for us to remain separate from mainstream humanity in order to go thru the distillation process, many of you are asking if you will ever be with others again, feeling isolated, separated and forgotten but this is simply the spin that darkness puts on a process that is misunderstood by humanity and a process that is necessary in order to move into the higher frequency bandwidths. As we are now extracted we will find our outer waking reality begins to shift and change in preparation for our own movement. ALL is connected and ALL JUST IS and as we now make the movements necessary then the TIDE WILL CHANGE and it will do so dramatically.

The stagnation of humanity is necessary by darkness to harness the putrefaction that occurs and keeps the false separation, division and trauma in place thru the decay frequencies. These very low level, dense frequency bandwidths allow for things to occur in this dimensional space that break the laws of Wider Creation in TRUTH. It allows for the darkest of dark to walk and operate in the space itself. The removal of the veils has allowed humanity to view this darkness and many have simply hid their faces refusing to look. It matters not whether they look so much as we understand that they are now ready to make a movement in a different direction. Those in the deepest pain will seek out refuge at any level and that is what has been occurring with the movement to the AI platforms the most chosen.

NOW COMES A DIFFERENT MOVEMENT and this seeks to blend and to heal all that was once traumatised, separated and divided. It comes from HEAVEN in TRUTH and has the backing of Wider Creation in TRUTH. This sees a movement back into the Grace and BALM of TRUTH itself. Many of us have witnessed this faux new age garbage that seeks to have everyone trying to create a 5d paradise whilst not understanding that those who teach this are simply tools of those who created this space to begin with.

NOW as HEAVEN in TRUTH appears in a solid human form and takes its place WALKING this dimensional space what was decay will now dissolve, no longer able to simply remain and putrefy. The POWER WASHING of this dimensional space is done by the LIGHT of TRUTH. Those who work with LIGHT in TRUTH have been more than aware of the power washing of their own human vehicles over the past linear few weeks. (Further guidance is thru the subscription HEAVENs blog). Now this process moves to the next phase.


Karen x

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