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False Identity in TRUTH

We are conditioned from the moment that we are conceived to fit into a construct. The construct of Self is a deep and powerful one. Much like an onion there are many different layers to the identity that we create in our mind.  This identity is re enforced through the deep conditioning that we are all subject to and which is heavily monitored and enforced within family structures.  It is all very well to state "we can be whoever we want to be" but that hides TRUTH further. We are already whom we ARE, we have had various layers of lies placed upon who we ARE in order that this remains hidden to us.  If we do not align fully with who we ARE in TRUTH then we are out of alignment and we can be manipulated through the various strings that pull at us as we attempt to align with that which is not TRUTH.

In the outer waking reality at this time a building has been destroyed. This building is mortar and bricks, nothing more and nothing less.  But a section of humanity have woven a web around this to the extend that it is as if a living being has died.  The stories have brought a set of bricks and mortar to "life" and this is fully accepted as being something real by those who are pulled by the identity that has been woven around said building.  ALL JUST IS, it is which we weave around things that bring them to "life" and said "life" will change depending upon the levels of weave that are woven and how easily they are also adopted by those within humanity.

It is TRUTH that will stand, after all has come crashing down within the illusion TRUTH alone will stand but so trapped in identity have humanity become that they will attempt to keep in place that which they identify with over that which is actually TRUTH.

It is no less when it comes to us personally. We weave identity into the outer waking world around us and in doing so we create prisons that look other than they are in TRUTH. We then place our identity into said weave and then we become very easily manipulated because we believe our identity is under attack so then we start to defend. But TRUTH never requires to be defended, IT JUST IS.  The outpouring of anger, grief, hatred, relief and a variety of other emotional reactions will continue as the building collapses but it is just a construct, it is a building of brick and mortar.

We are a construct of flesh and bone and we come in two types, male and female.  What is woven around us and within us is that which is collapsing also at this time. Many are going into overdrive attempting to shore up that which they BELIEVE is self and not understanding that it is only after the cleansing and the clearing that what is actually left and stands is TRUTH, until that point it is all just a clearing process that is ongoing.

We must stand still and remain separate from all and every identity until we are left only with TRUTH, this is a cleansing and clearing that many are attempting to prevent at this time due to the intensity that is triggered when the self begins to deconstruct. WE ARE, beyond this we do not know because we have never physically experienced WE ARE, we have experienced all that we are not and this is a different experience altogether.

Many at this time are in total and abject fear of losing everything whilst stating that they only wish to live TRUTH. It is not possible to have one foot in either camp, this sort of self preservation can go no further. That which is left in the outer waking reality is anyone's guess at this time because it has only just begun. We are told and therefore pre warned that this world will end. Then when the process begins humanity demand something be done to stop it whilst decrying the very construct they are trapped within. It is simply not possible to simply alter it to suit everyone within humanity.

ALL JUST IS AND WE ARE, everything else is illusion. We cannot ask for evolution and then panic halfway through and attempt to stop said evolution. A caterpillar half way through transformation into a butterfly suddenly does not break out its cocoon and demand that its wings are given back and that it wants only legs.  It is not in charge of its transformation, NATURE AND WIDER CREATION IS.  We have been conditioned repeatedly that we must be in full control when we have never had any control other than that which has been granted to us.  Now we are moving into wider creation in TRUTH where we will have full freedom in TRUTH.

We must now stand in full trust of the process and understand that the picture that we wake to today is not the end picture, it is a work in process and only those who are ready to move to the next phase of evolution will remain anchored in TRUTH.  For the rest the tsunami has already started, for those are they that built their house on sand and said sand is now shifting at unprecedented speeds.  TRUTH is the ROCK that WE stand upon and remain upon. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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