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In this our human physical form we require nourishment that will aid our growth.  Lucifer has conditioned humanity to exist within an environment which is highly toxic and as a race humanity have adapted to this.  Re-adapting to nourishment in TRUTH is a process that can often appear other than it is. From the words that we use each day, to the fuel that we use to fuel our human physical vehicle ALL has been severely compromised. We have been conditioned to accept and in accepting we have adapted.

There are a myriad of false teaching that state how to "eat healthily" and how to "eat clean" but these are akin to someone eating a piece of fresh fruit off a dirty plate. The ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH WE EXIST IS THE POLLUTION. Therefore without addressing said pollution we are running in circles. There is no servitude in putting "clean" food into our human vehicle if it is absorbing its nourishment from the diet of social media, jealousy, hatred, judgment and division.

We have as a species adapted to a human life experience devoid of LOVE in TRUTH, indeed so intense is the conditioning that humanity is placed within we have begun to reject LOVE in TRUTH in favor or other "quick fixes".  It is our relationship with our fellow human beings which has been manipulated to the extreme.  Dating platforms have conditioned its users to see photos on the screen and turn a human being into an "option" and a "label".  We have allowed our human relationships to adapt to sterilization where human beings are now seen as disposable. If the other person does not match what our human logical mind demands that we need then they are rejected.

This is deliberate by the construct for to take out the foundation of marriage and the foundation of TWO being stronger than one we as a race have adapted to variations that are not TRUTH. It is not TRUTH for example for a person to choose solitude over a relationship with those around them for we in this our human physical form are SOCIAL BY NATURE.  Human beings who are devoid of human relationships begin to suffer because it is in our make up to be social and to give and receive love.  I am not just talking of romantic relationships here, there are people who do not interact with ANYONE around them on a daily basis and this begins the process of decay as the person concerned fragments and begins to fold in on themselves.

We can look out onto the outer waking reality and we can see the manifestation of this isolation and adaptation to the conditioning.  Dementia rates are increasing and the age in which the symptoms are appearing are getting younger.  What we nourish we manifest, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW WE THINK.  The human logical mind is a powerful weapon which has been used to control humanity forever. Therefore it cannot be used against that which created it to be this way.  This is a false teaching which is holding many in various levels of servitude.

We are each responsible for our own nourishment, the human logical mind will begin to force the conditioning where it is permitted. We have begun a backlash on the younger generations whilst stepping back from the responsibility that CREATED said younger generations.  Whilst technology has been blamed for the apathy within the younger generations what has nourished them?  We as parents have a responsibility to nourish ourselves and our offspring.  How do we nourish?

We nourish from generation to generation and we do this through family patterning and family structure.  In order to nourish ourselves we have to address the family patterning and make our own choice. This is done from our heart space. It is easy to lay everything that is going on in our lives at the feet of those around us, indeed we are conditioned to behave this way, we have ADAPTED to behave this way.  So it is up to us each individually to dissolve this within ourselves. We draw nourishment then from TRUTH, from our heart and from the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.  A world full of hatred was not manifested FOR us it was manifested from WITHIN US. It has to exist within humanity in order to be manifest at all.  Therefore we must step out of the "them and us" conditioning that seeks to have us label ourselves as slaves or master. WE ARE NEITHER.

In this our human physical form we are aligning with  LOVE in TRUTH.  LOVE dissolves all fear, all hatred and only sees TRUTH.  The lies, corruption etc that are manifest in this physical realm begin in the spiritual realm, without a spiritual root they cannot manifest.  Instead of looking outward we must look within and align and nourish ourselves from the root of TRUTH which is LOVE in TRUTH.

It is akin to adding clean water to a muddy puddle, add continual clean water and the muddy puddle will simply cease to exist. For those who believe that a complex outer reality needs a complex answer this is more conditioning and more human logic. SIMPLY is because simple is easily hidden from the human logical mind which has adapted to complex puzzles because it has been conditioned to.

LOVE IS THE ANSWER because it is so simple and yet many will continue to nourish themselves from the tree of knowledge.  There is only one tree that we can nourish ourselves from in TRUTH, it was our original creation purpose well before Adam and Eve and well before Lucifer established religion within humanity.  IT IS LOVE for LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe. It cannot be stopped, it is a force to be reckoned with but it can be denied, humanity now have a choice of whether to continue to deny that which is TRUTH and accept that a life without LOVE in TRUTH is a walking death or choose TRUTH.  We do not choose either from our human logical mind because LOVE in TRUTH is a feeling, our human logical mind cannot feel TRUTH nor recognize it for that is not its purpose. We have a heart for a reason, we have adapted to walking in this reality using only our human logical mind and have adapted to bypassing our heart space.

The road ahead can only be navigated in TRUTH using our heart for it was designed this way, it is only within the old earth construct that the human logical mind works and Lucifer knows this, it is why many will continue to default to their mind.  Beyond this space the mind does not accept for it does not recognize anything that is not polarized nor logical. LOVE in TRUTH transcends all for it JUST IS.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan

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