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Finding LIGHT in the darkness

WE ARE now moving into a time of intense darkness where many will walk blind due to the focus that is placed on the false light of the Old Earth Matrix. We can be so accustomed to defining ourselves thru our surroundings (which is an intense deliberate conditioning that humanity undergo from birth) that when our "co ordinates" are no longer seen we find it difficult to navigate.

Humanity are conditioned and reprimanded intensely to follow the navigation points that the Old Earth Matrix creates and are accepted by the human logical mind. For example if we are born the second child into a family our co ordinates for the human life experience are different to that of our sibling who was first born. Our parents/immediate caregivers are then used as a navigation point as we grow as children and as these navigation points begin to shift and alter we do so AUTOMATICALLY.

Those who have lost parents and siblings in their waking life experience will understand how disorientating it is when a living person is no longer there. It throws us off balance and part of the grieving process involves re navigating and establishing alternative navigation points. This is all unseen at conscious waking level but runs deep below the unconscious waking level of the human life experience.

At this time the navigation points are being disrupted deliberately by those who have enslaved the human race. This sees a race attempt to RE ESTABLISH navigation points that are familiar to them. The behaviors that are now surfacing within humanity are a direct response to this hidden conditioning. The more that someone feels they are "lost" the more they will attempt to define and HOLD ON TO navigation points that they find. It matters not that the navigation points are leading them astray only that they find COMFORT IN THE NAVIGATION POINT. So we have parts of the human race holding tightly on to rote and ritual because it gives them the echo of the navigation point that is missing.

Humanity will actively defend their navigation points as they have been conditioned to accept that without them they do not exist as people. This is a dense and very dangerous conditioning that is now seeing human turn on human. It is to be noted that those who have managed to do the work and to anchor into TRUTH from SOURCE experience less of the "lost" feeling that those who have simply ignored the warning signs are going thru.

Much like being in a swimming pool with people drowning results in those attempting to help those IN the swimming pool also drown, we are asked to step back from trying to aid them whilst we are still within the pool itself.

Humanity are drowning in various levels of unresolved grief. From loss of loved ones (the most obvious and most denied) to the loss of income, way of expressing themselves, loss of job, loss of opportunity etc. This is all being coped with using the navigation points that still exist but these navigation points are about to be turned off. This is part of the closing down of the Old Earth Matrix. Many believed that a new world would be stepped into and they could avoid the dissolving of the Old Earth Matrix but TRUTH does not work this way.

WE ARE birthed into new dimensions thru our severing of our connections to the Old Earth Matrix. WE HAVE A CHOICE that was taken before we came to this dimensional space and many are ignoring this choice. It is never taken at a human conscious physical level because the illusion is so great. There have been many experiments done within humanity that show that what we THINK we will do and what we actually do when placed in certain circumstances is VERY DIFFERENT indeed.

Many have stated their choice for the linear years and decades leading up to this point but are now finding their behavior is anything but what they imaged. The only way to anchor into SOURCE is thru Christ into SOURCE because of the frequency that CHRIST IS IN TRUTH. This is out with the religious construct and context that this frequency has been placed as many are now finding.

In order to have a candle exude LIGHT then the candle has to be LIT. Holding an unlit candle sees the darkness remain as nothing can then be illuminated.

At this time the matches are now being handed to those who are asked now to breathe deeply and strike the matches. Once that flame ignites and the candle is lit (it is ONE candle in TRUTH) then it will shine as the LIGHT of TRUTH that leads an entire race to the EXIT point. The darkness that envelopes humanity from this point forward is there in the GRACE of CREATOR for that which walks in darkness is so horrific that no one in this their human physical form requires to see it, feeling it is more than enough.

The Children of ORION as now asked to collect their matches in TRUTH, to stand firm and to strike the matches in UNITY for WE ARE.



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