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We are asked at this time to go within and at this time many will simply carry on trying to "carry on" because that is what we in this our human physical form are conditioned to do. It is challenging to say the least at this time when it may feel like the world has a thousand eyes and all of said eyes are upon us. This is part of the process that we are now within. In order to stand up and be counted we must first of all STAND UP. It is has been conditioned into humanity since their first creation the need to blend in. We see this at this time when people are undergoing vast emotional distress just trying to adapt to that which has descended upon the physical plane.

People are sitting in judgement of others and the ones shouting the loudest are the ones who are holding most fear. We are asked to NOTE their fear and to continue as we were. This will see us come up against the "bully" and there is a "bully" in every life experience of the 144,000 and in humanity in general. The one ENERGY that when it makes its presence known we feel ourselves begin to crumble. This is the crushing weight of hidden emotional residue and it is grown and collected from the moment a baby comes into the physical plane itself.

Many within humanity turn themselves inside out trying to be the person that others want them to be but fail to see that everyone in human physical form has the same conditioning. What occurs is that we begin to lose all sense of ourselves and we become a mask that we wear, this mask is held in place by the fear of being seen in TRUTH and yet from within the mask we have a very blinkered view of the outer waking reality itself. It is only in removing the mask that we can see where we are and who we are.

At this time we are being shown that which hides within humanity and as we begin to recognize where it triggers within us we REMOVE THE TRIGGER. From this point we then address the energy and we do this with the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. It is LOVE that humanity fear, always fearing they are not good enough, always falling to the belief that LOVE is finite or that it can be taken away or even given. LOVE JUST IS, it flows, we are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to reject it and instead accept the false versions of LOVE that the Old Earth Matrix creates.

We are only in "isolation" if we hold tight to the belief that we can be separated. WE ARE, all else is illusion.


(c) Karen Doonan

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