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Finding Sustenance in the Arid landscape of the Matrix

For many within humanity at this time the ever constant pressure that is being placed in relation to the "festive" event is now pushing buttons that remain hidden at other times of the human calendar. We walk with various construct triggers deep within us and for the most these triggers remain dormant, it is only when a construct springs to life that the trigger that matches said construct is activated and at this time of the human calendar all hidden buttons are activated.

This is to harness and to reap from the emotional distress that is caused by the emotional landscape that remains hidden at other times and is protected thru the false reference points that humanity have in relation to death. A human loss is referenced as more pronounced during this "festive" event than at any other time in the human calendar but why would this be so? a death is a death, the pain is the pain and the pain does not increase depending what the name of the day is in TRUTH. It can and does increase however when we have associated something else and referenced it alongside the experience of the death.

When we experience loss in the form of a human loss we shut down the fountain that is available to us and we begin to siphon off the fountain around the area that we PERCEIVE is the loss. This sees us shut down emotionally to certain parts of the human life experience and instead of using the fountain to nourish us, we begin to recycle the stagnant water that we have siphoned off. Much like in the waking world if we leave a pool of water without doing anything else with it, it will become poisonous and will begin to grow organisms that are detrimental to our health. However this remains hidden to us as the pain masks the stagnation and in many cases presents an illusion that the stagnant water must be preserved in this condition indefinitely.

The water is our emotional landscape and the fountain is LOVE in TRUTH. Recycling LOVE in TRUTH does not work because it is meant to flow. Where it has become stagnant it becomes something else, the Old Earth Matrix frequency bandwidths begin to break it down and to alter it. This is again hidden to many within humanity who seek to preserve the "past" by sectioning it off and keeping it "alive" by the false reference points of "never forget". In TRUTH it is impossible to forget a loved one, it is not possible to forget them for they move from the physical to the spiritual and they become part of a wider picture that we in this our human physical form have little access to at an everyday waking human level.

The "festive" period revisits the stagnant pools that humanity have sectioned off and that which has been permitted to grow since the pool was created begin to take on a new life form, that of regret, pain, shame, guilt etc. It then is activated by the denial of the human experiencing said emotions that a new fresh burst of the fountain is required. Thus we deny LOVE in TRUTH to ourselves and we do this under the guise of LOVE itself. LOVE in TRUTH does not hurt, however the process that we go thru in order to keep LOVE in TRUTH flowing when it has been siphoned off does initially.

As one who has lost both parents in different circumstances early in life I can testify to the creation of the stagnant pools and the need to allow the cleansing and clearing of them. This allows us to reach new levels of understanding and much like ripping off a band aid the initial pain is transmuted into an understanding and shift that permits us to understand that we are never alone. It is the barrier WE CREATE internally on the loss of a loved one that prevents us feeling them close, that prevents us from accepting that they have moved to a different phase of being and prevents us from healing fully. There is NO LOSS IN HEALING, we can never lose that which we LOVE in TRUTH for it is eternal.

At this time we are asked to permit the fountain to flow across the arid landscapes that are internal and begin to create new life where once there was simply sand. From this ALL flows and expands and from this our understanding of TRUTH deepens. Those beyond the veil then can rest in peace fully for they are often held in place thru our unresolved emotional landscapes. BOTH the passed loved one and those who remain in human physical form require to nourish themselves from the fountain, if we deny the fountain to ourselves then our loved ones who have passed are also denied the fountain for WE ARE.

Opening our heart space fully and allowing LOVE in TRUTH to flow is step one in a process that begins to naturally occur and we then begin to understand that death is a process and that if we allow the process to fully complete then we are left with memories that when accessed increase the flow of LOVE in TRUTH. Those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process and who are now approaching BACE Camp are asked to permit this level of understanding thru the healing offered thru the process itself.



(c) Karen Doonan

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