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Often when we are malnourished spiritually we will try to find a source of sustenance that is non TRUTH. It is akin to reaching for a chocolate bar in between meals when we unconsciously default to "whatever is easiest". At this time in the outer waking reality there is a push for humanity to find sustenance and many are defaulting to "whatever is easiest" believing that somehow they can make up for it later on when the world goes "back to normal".

There will never be a "normal" as in that which we lived prior to lockdown and this is not some doom and gloom statement. How can we have a return when so much has shifted and expanded since the beginning of 20/20. Human relationships have altered, many beyond recognition and the full fall out from this has not revealed itself as of yet as the conditions that created it are still in force. Much like a soldier who is in the middle of a war zone will react from their training and be able to do their job, it is their return to "normality" that reveals the depth of damage said experiences have created internally.

At this time humanity are at war, "fighting the enemy" and they are in full survival mode, many are finding the strain almost too much and many are adapting in ways that simply astound them. This is part of the conditioning that humanity are enduring at this time as the Old Earth Matrix begins its push to move humanity fully out of their heart space and have them in a reality where humans are no longer social.

Many have watched the media and the film industry over the decades create movies where humanity are watched and controlled and yet still do not see the correlation to their own everyday experience at this time. In order to work to remove the internal emotional damage that is being done we require to remember who WE ARE in TRUTH.

We need to understand that humans by default are SOCIAL, they require physical touch, physical interaction and without these BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS they are little more than cattle which are being herded from one scenario to another.

AT this time we are undergoing one of the biggest conditioning routines that humanity have ever experienced and WE ARE asked to step back into our heart space in order to reconnect with the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. It is THIS that is our sustenance for it is SOURCE in TRUTH.

It is a choice as to whether we surrender our humanity or simply accept it. WE do not have to "fight" for it for IT JUST IS and IS TRUTH, TRUTH stands tall. To be human is to LOVE in TRUTH, it is to reach out to those around us and to have compassion. For those who are on the cusp of the accepting the conditioning, know there is NO way back, once your humanity has been surrendered there is NO LIFE in TRUTH for you have traded your very being and in doing so have betrayed yourself.



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