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Finding the tool shed in the garden in TRUTH

Following on from the previous blog (click here) it is vital that we find the tool shed that said gardener uses to landscape the garden. It is within this shed that we will find that which has been used to landscape our emotional landscape.  Why would we need to find the tools themselves?  to prevent the gardener from continuing in his hobby.  There is no point to illuminating that which is manipulating our inner landscape and simply acknowledging it and then allowing it to continue. TRUE CHANGE, TRUE HEALING comes from removing that which has been permitted to work within us. Without taking this out it simply turns invisible once more and gets to work in a different way and there are a never ending myriad of different manifestations.

It is our role in being the captain of our own ship to make sure that said ship is ready to sail. It is Christ Himself who oversees this and it is IN our surrender that we have that which is not sea worthy illuminated to us. The responsibility for the ship that we sail within is ours and rests with us. We are SPIRIT in TRUTH in human physical form, we must take ownership of said human physical form.   We must also take responsibility and when something is illuminated to us that works against us it is our responsibility to deal with it.

This is the point where humanity have the most challenge because we are conditioned to bypass responsibility.  We tend to shy away from it fearing the consequences but this is akin to someone who wishes to lose weight refusing to take responsibility for putting said food in their mouths.  We can join every program available, we can buy as many gym memberships as the next person but unless we take ACTION then nothing changes.  We have a responsibility for the upkeep of our "home" in this physical plane and our "home" is our physical human vehicle.

That which will attempt to have us side step responsibility is found within the human logical mind.  We are conditioned heavily to judge everything and everyone around us. Peer pressure is a tool that is found in the gardeners shed, along with societal pressure and trend.  These are major tools and are used to cultivate the seeds of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of getting it wrong, fear of not being good enough, the list of fear of is immense and ALL the gardener requires to do is water a few of them, they then begin to grow together and form a negative network within the human logical mind. This turns the lens into a negative one and before long we are actively searching for the negative and in finding it run in the opposite direction but the running is the illusion and the direction does not exist because ALL JUST IS.

The battle for humanity does not take place externally, albeit it is manipulated from the external, it takes place INTERNALLY for each human physical vehicle has a unique and very different take on the outer waking reality and it is this that is manipulated through various conditioning techniques.  We are physically born into a dimensional reality that seeks to harvest EMOTION and this is kept very hidden indeed.   The non emotion that is attempting to manipulate at the moment is still emotional it hides behind non emotion.

The technology that has set up home within humanity is not the enemy, it is the emotional responses it collects that makes it the TOOL OF THE ENEMY and the enemy itself remains hidden whilst focus is placed solely on the tool it uses.   In the linear year of 2019 we may find that possession is an outdated concept and yet it is alive and well, it has simply changed form from internal human physical vehicle possession to possession of the person through remote access.  The effect is the same, indeed it can be said to be stronger because the influence is much faster, it does not have to hide, it is in plain view and simply remains invisible because the conditioning of humanity seeks to place technology as some sort of "evolution".

The dumbing down of humanity would always happen because a lost race cannot find its way out of a maze using the tools of that which placed it in the maze to begin with.  There is only one way out of this place and it is internal, free the bondage internally and we can walk anywhere wish, we do not even need to tip toe past those who are what is deemed asleep within the maze because it is not them that we require to walk past. It is the accepted internal barriers that are set up when we began to turn from our Creator YHWY, when we abandoned love in favor or lust, when we abandoned love in favor of greed, when we abandoned love in favor of pride, the 7 deadly sins can be found in every family home, it is usually hung on the wall now and comes with a remote that is used to access any single one of said sins and in using it we sell our soul repeatedly.

However in order to sell a soul it has to be traded and it can only ever be traded if it is on the open market. Humanity cannot solve that which it cannot see, for humanity was created for one purpose in this dimensional space, emotional harvesting.

In order to leave the fields and to access life in TRUTH we have to leave the maze, there is nothing to solve here, there is nothing to address here, its entire purpose is to eat us whole.  It is now time to get off the breakfast table and to make our way to the exit. Anything else is simply emotional suicide. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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